Shift your data to shift your service capabilities with Liquid Telecom and Adept

Partnering with Liquid Telecom, Adept helps companies migrate their data from centres abroad to Microsoft’s local data centres, and provides cloud and on-premises solutions.

Johannesburg, 28 Aug 2019
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Shifting service capabilities through cloud.
Shifting service capabilities through cloud.

When Microsoft recently announced that it had launched Enterprise-grade data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town, it was a big step in the right direction for cloud services in SA, as many factors that previously prevented companies from migrating to cloud services, such as Office 365 and Azure, became a thing of the past.

By providing businesses with cloud services that are hosted locally, businesses no longer have to settle for high latency, resulting in poor user experience, frequent cable outages that upset key stakeholders (including customers), expensive transcontinental costs to create redundancy, and the cost of migrating large volumes of data internationally.

Some of the advantages of using a local data centre include:

1. Local billing: you pay in rands

2. Great application response times

3. Low latency

4. Easy to build in connectivity redundancy

5. POPI compliance with Office 365 and Azure (especially applicable for the financial services sector)

Although the technology is now readily available, for many companies that are busy going digital and ready to migrate their business and processes to the cloud, it is not always an easy decision. Among the factors that could prevent them from making the shift are concerns about data security, business continuity and affordability. The fact that capital has already been spent on hardware solutions that are still working sufficiently could also slow down the process.

Shifting to the cloud is, in fact, much safer than having an on-premises solution, and is also more affordable and scalable (which means that you do not have to worry about upgrading hardware). It is an investment in the future of business and technology.

As a partner to both Microsoft SA and Liquid Telecom, Adept is ready to deliver the complete Azure and Office 365 service range. Adept can assist companies in migrating their data from data centres abroad to Microsoft’s South African data centres. It can also provide hybrid solutions, where it utilises both cloud and on-premises solutions to cater to companies'  business needs.

To plan a seamless migration, Adept will conduct an assessment of your cloud or on-premises environment to determine the best methodology and cloud resources for your business’s needs.

How would this work?

1. An assessment of on-premises and cloud solutions will be conducted.

2. Once the assessment has been done, possible solutions that would suit your specific business needs are discussed.

3. Adept will then assist in migrating your data and solutions to a local data centre and, in the case of a hybrid solution, assist in shifting and setting up the on-premises and cloud solutions.

4. Once the changes have been implemented, Adept can provide the required managed IT services to ensure that everything stays up and running.

If you would like to find out more about shifting your legacy systems, data and hardware to the cloud or migrating your data from data centres abroad to Microsoft’s South African data centres, visit Adept's website.

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