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Security starts with secure document access in remote working era

Johannesburg, 19 May 2021
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Cloud adoption continues to accelerate as businesses support remote working and work-from-home models, while enhancing workforce collaboration.

As these businesses realise the numerous cost and operational advantages offered from the cloud deployment model, many will broaden their digital transformation strategies to access more on-demand computing capacity and unlock advanced capabilities from industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of things (IOT).

But as more people and machines begin accessing information via different platforms and devices, and reliance on cloud technologies spreads into almost every aspect of work life, organisations will need to bolster security around their data and documents.

Security and control

Maintaining security and retaining control over data in a remote working environment can become a complex proposition without the appropriate intelligent workplace service (IWS) in place.

A cloud-based IWS, such as Xerox’s Intelligent Workplace Services, provides access permissions management, encryption and auditability, and removes the burden of performance monitoring, backups, security checks and disaster recovery tests.

Creating digital workflows and security layers within a hosted ECM system starts with a document management solution that effectively bridges the physical business environment with the digital.

These solutions capture data and documents from multifunction printers, scanners and mobile devices and automatically route assets to the cloud in archivable and retrievable digital formats for immediate sharing or review. During this process, document management solutions apply rules and meta-data that classifies documents as they are scanned and transferred to the hosted environment.

Safe and streamlined

This process not only makes it easier to integrate documents and streamlines workflows, but also creates opportunities to implement security and rules around access, sharing and editability.

Applying these rules upfront simplifies security, especially within companies operating with geographically distributed workforces. Companies can easily apply multiple layers of security to content, records and information, while ensuring only authorised users can access documents or data for which they have permissions.

Administrators that are empowered to manage security from the cloud can restrict access to devices or features at the user or group level to control operational aspects such as document printing. They can also monitor app access from individual devices and track who uses specific features for tighter security.

Lockdowns that empower

Administrators will instantly receive an alert if users contravene any rules, while the system can automatically flag unauthorised printing and scanning to close any security gaps and identify ways to better enforce security policies.

Administrators can then remotely enforce configured standards or apply updated rules via a Web-based portal to proactively respond to potential security threats.

These security measures address regulatory compliance requirements around data protection and privacy with audit trails, which helps to maintain trust with customers and partners, and mitigates organisational risks.

And, importantly, these security features ensure employees benefit from secure on-the-go access to the content they need, when they need it, in the right format and with the most up-to-date information, while keeping the user experience simple with options for single sign-on capabilities that conveniently authenticate users across devices, platforms and systems.

Ultimately, IWS capabilities ensure that business can empower their workforces to work more efficiently and collaboratively, without sacrificing security and information integrity.

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