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Dell Technologies helps businesses in SA securely, sustainably retire IT equipment

Johannesburg, 11 Apr 2022
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News summary

  • Dell Asset Recovery Services ensures proper disposal of IT equipment for South African businesses.
  • New online portal makes it simple to retire and recycle any laptop, desktop, server or accessory regardless of brand.
  • Onsite data sanitisation and hard-drive shredding services offer extra levels of data security.

Full story

Dell Technologies has announced the expansion of its Asset Recovery Services with new availability in South Africa. The service supports any brand of laptop, desktop, server, peripheral or accessory, helping customers receive value from existing IT assets and implement sustainable recycling and recovery services at scale. 

Doug Woolley, Managing Director, Dell Technologies, South Africa.
Doug Woolley, Managing Director, Dell Technologies, South Africa.

Since 2008, Dell has recovered more than 2.5 billion electronics through its takeback programmes, supporting businesses in sustainably retiring IT assets. Asset Recovery Services provides a modern, simplified and standardised offer to help customers scale their recycling efforts.

The offer includes a new, online self-service portal that simplifies asset disposition even more – providing businesses with real-time value estimates, comprehensive resources and streamlined takeback of devices.

“Every year, the world produces millions of metric tons of electronic and electrical equipment waste, which is damaging to our planet when not disposed of properly,” said Doug Woolley, Managing Director of Dell Technologies South Africa. “Asset Recovery Services play a critical step in helping customers responsibly retire equipment and reduce their overall environmental footprint. As a global company, we take seriously our commitment and opportunities to divert e-waste from landfills. By scaling our services for securely recycling electronics and IT equipment, we are contributing to our ambitious goal to recycle or re-use one device for each one sold by 2030.”

Maximising IT value and time

Dell Technologies simplifies the experience for customers with no unit minimums for businesses of all sizes, whether managing a central or remote workforce. The services offer the flexibility and control to oversee and track the entire process online via the self-service portal. Customers can benefit from real-time value estimates to get the most out of their equipment and simplify their systems’ life cycle.

Protecting businesses with security services

When customers turn in their devices, data is removed in alignment with data sanitisation standards to minimise customer exposure to data security breaches. Asset Recovery Services now offers extra options for added protection:

  • Onsite data sanitisation – Data is cleared from devices onsite before the equipment leaves a customer’s facility.
  • Onsite hard-drive shred – Hard drives with data are disposed of through physical destruction and recycled according to local guidelines.

The availability of Dell Asset Recovery Services will make it easier for South African organisations to correctly dispose of their end-of-life electronic equipment. This is critical, as the Department of Environmental Affairs has stated that e-waste makes up 5% to 8% of municipal solid waste and is growing three times faster than any other form of waste.

Channel opportunities in South Africa

Asset Recovery Services is available through Dell Technologies and its channel partners.

For more information about Asset Recovery Services, please visit:


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