Quirk lands storm

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Quirk has come on board to help storm, the largest independent voice and data supplier in SA, with a holistic e-marketing strategy.

The first element of this strategy is a site redesign intended to create qualified leads through a usable, professional looking and informative site. In conjunction with a usable site, search engine marketing will make the company visible online to its intended target market through organic optimisation of its site.

To track effectiveness of search engine marketing efforts, an extensive statistics tool will track the conversion ratios of searchers to visitors to storm customers. Through e-mail marketing, Quirk will help storm retain Web visitors and turn them into customers over time.

Storm is a leader in the provision of services such as least-cost routing (cellular, international and national), fax, SMS LAN, access, hosting and IPVPN, and manager WAN. In addition, storm leads the way in the development of communication technology such as voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

With a holistic e-marketing strategy, Quirk will empower storm to harness the strategic advantage of the Internet in order to make the market aware of its presence, drive these visitors to become customers via the Web, and retain these customers over time through a one-to-one strategic approach.

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