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The logistical step forward: the new N7 Cachalot Pro as rugged mobile computer frontrunner

Johannesburg, 26 Mar 2021
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The N7 Cachalot Pro takes Newland’s Pro Series into rugged warehouse and logistics applications. Built on Android 10, this mobile computer adds processing speed, fast-roaming wireless connections, higher drop- and IP ratings and added flexibility through a choice of three keyboard layouts. Ready to take the logistical step forward?

A versatile powerhouse

The N7 Cachalot Pro brings customisation to the core of industrial scanning activities. Purpose-built for warehousing and logistics, its wide range of professional-class features offers all the flexibility to match your rugged scanning needs. Further customisation is also offered through the choice of a 29, 38 or 47 key keypad.

Ergonomic operations

Newland’s latest megapixel innovation has opened up the choice of a standard or mid-range megapixel engine for barcode capture near and far in the new N7 Cachalot Pro. The standard-range version continues to provide standard, accurate scanning on codes close-up or smaller items. Alternatively, the new mid-range imager is optimised for reading codes on boxes and pallets from further away.

Together with features like Acuscan laser aiming technology, multi-read scan mode and an optional pistol grip, the N7 Cachalot Pro helps you get a hold of accurate and ergonomic inventory operations.

Rugged reliability

The Cachelot’s fast wireless roaming on WiFi and 4G helps you gain reliable control over your workflow. Combined with fast-charging battery and hot-swappable battery technology, device downtime gets pushed to zero, even in heavy-use situations. Its 4-inch durable Gorilla Glass display, glove responsive touchscreen, adjustable sound notification and standard two-year warranty pack all essential elements for reliable performance. This makes the N7 Cachalot Pro a reliable companion in your rugged workforce.

Newland Pro Series

The N7 Cachalot Pro is the rugged-class representative in Newland’s Pro Series line. Combining the high benchmark of processing power and memory with a choice of three keyboard configurations, the N7 Cachalot Pro proudly represents our Pro Series label for rugged scanning solutions. Designed and built to go the extra mile, Pro Series Mobile Computers pack in elevated hardware, software and support. Its Android 10 OS and Android Enterprise Recommended status further underline its spot in our Pro Series range.

Dive into the N7 Cachalot Pro product information here or get in touch with your local partner.

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