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Extend wireless networks over powerlines with Netgear

Johannesburg, 14 Aug 2006
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One of the challenges facing home and small office networks is providing network connectivity without unsightly, complicated cabling and dealing with physical barriers for wireless connectivity. Netgear`s range of wall-plugged, powerline networking solutions allow for easy network provisioning over existent power infrastructure - and now, with the WGXB102, it is even possible to extend wireless networking using conventional power infrastructure.

This new product will allow users to share an Internet connection and other network resources on one side of their home or office with computers throughout the building wirelessly and extend network connectivity without messy cabling. Simply plug in the WGXB102 Wireless Range Extender into any plug socket to extend wireless connectivity.

Included in the kit is the XE102 Wall-plugged Ethernet bridge, which connects to any existing wired or wireless router, from any vendor. This device then makes network resources available throughout the home/small office environment making use of the local power infrastructure, with the WGXB102 extending wireless connectivity where desired.

"Wall-plugged networking is an exciting new technology that makes for quick and easy network setups in home and small office environments," says Graham Duxbury, managing director of Duxbury Networking. "Netgear provide leading hardware that enables this new approach to networking, providing customers with everything they need to effectively establish customised networks that provide both wired and wireless access, over existing powerline infrastructure."

Netgear wall-plugged networking solutions are now available from Duxbury Networking. For more information, call (011) 351 9800 or visit

Duxbury Networking

Established in 1984, Duxbury Networking has positioned itself as a leading specialist networking distributor in the Southern African channel. The company has developed solid relationships with leading vendors in the networking, interconnectivity, wireless and convergence technology environments including Enterasys Networks, HP Procurve, Netgear, Proxim and Mitel. It is also well-known for its Duxbury branded modems.

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