Five best practices to improve your customer engagement

With a customer-centric approach, companies can add value to their clients by activating certain customer engagement practices, says Marta Peman, Africa sales manager at Presence Technology.

Johannesburg, 10 Feb 2016
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Revenue is the top line measurement or KPI that matters for companies nowadays. With the data explosion, marketing and IT departments are stretching their collaboration to automate processes and improve their cost effectiveness.

Marketers today, as they are constantly looking to improve campaign performance and define a better customer journey in each step of the buying process, are optimising resources using new technology software. With a customer-centric approach, firms can add value to their clients and improve growth by activating certain customer engagement practices, says Marta Peman, Africa Sales Manager at Presence Technology.

As a key competitor's differentiator, a smooth customer engagement will allow the brand to increase revenue. Channel communications such as video, texting and social media persuade 73% more customers to buy a product, and a perfect integration of the omni-channel communication (voice, e-mail, Internet, chat, VOIP, call-back, SMS, messaging, mobile, social media) increase customer retention rate by 13%.

According to Gartner, the customer engagement centre (CEC) refers to "a logical set of technologies and business applications that are engineered to provide customer service and support, regardless of the interaction (or engagement) channel".

Customer engagement centre software solutions are considered the next-generation set of solutions on customer service areas to drastically improve the relationship with customers. The main goal of the CEC is to deliver the best information at the right time through the right communication channels to engage customers with your brand and to improve customer service quality. The Presence Technology Contact Centre solution allows companies to communicate in real-time with customers to achieve better customer loyalty.

In order to convert their customers to fans and buyers to ambassadors with all-in-one suite contact centre solutions, companies can personalise their customer journey. Forty percent of consumers buy 19% more from brands that personalise customer journeys, and 87% of consumers like it when companies contact them proactively to resolve issues.

Both IT and marketers want to build things that impact people in positive ways at a minimum cost. So when companies unite their effort as a team and get the business to understand customer needs and address them, they reach a higher customer loyalty, which has a positive impact on the profit growth of the company.

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