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KEVO - 'David' solution for 'Goliaths' of today

Johannesburg, 13 Jul 2015
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Wanatel, a telecommunications company specialising in voice communications, today announced an upgrade to its KEVO solution, an in-house white label VOIP and billing platform, which allows its partners to resell all Wanatel products under their own names.

It is a fully customisable solution that is able to integrate with its partners' business processes and includes many bespoke features that can be implemented on request. With new features and an innovative new billing structure, this tried and tested solution is the perfect tool to take down that imposing giant.

"KEVO, our white label reseller package, gives our partners everything they need to compete with the telecommunications 'Goliaths' and win," commented Walter Madzonga, GM of Wanatel Africa. "At long last, resellers can have full control over VOIP provisioning, number allocation, account activation and deactivation, real-time billing, and, most importantly, control over their profit."

"In practice, resellers have access to a host of products, such as hosted PBX, mobile apps, smart numbers, SIP trunking, click to call, call back, fax to e-mail, e-mail to fax and ADSL, that they can they can offer as their own," continued Madzonga. "Thus, KEVO provides the ideal opportunity for the 'Davids' to win against the 'Goliaths'; and, in addition, we can provide several examples of where this has successfully happened.

"Big certainly doesn't necessarily mean better," concluded Madzonga. "We believe that a combination of the KEVO solution, the right reseller, backed by Wanatel, is the perfect formula for creating satisfied clients."

For further information, please contact Walter Madzonga, GM of Wanatel Africa, tel, 021 2000 400; or e-mail


Wanatel is a licensed IECNS (0308 IECNS/MAR/09 + IECS) telecommunications company operating predominantly in South Africa, but with a number of international clients. It is a privately owned company that was founded in 2007 with the vision of enhancing the voice telecommunications capability in South Africa, using the expertise and experience gained in the European telecommunications market.

As a voice specialist, it focuses on servicing the telecommunications needs of the corporate market. Its research and development provides its clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions on a global scale, while maintaining the highest levels of design, build and deployment. As a trusted advisor to its clients, innovation and agility remain at the core of its business. Although it is large enough to ensure consistent reliability and innovation, its focus remains specialised in order to adapt quickly to specific market requirements. It ensures quality voice and value-added services that are uniquely designed for its clients and thus allows them to provide unified communications solutions to their customers.

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