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rAge Q&A

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The "really Awesome gaming expo" (rAge) is an annual event focused around gaming and geek culture that takes place in Johannesburg. Ahead of this year's rAge, kicking off this Friday, ITWeb hosted a Twitter interview with the project manager, Michael James. Below is a transcript of this "twinterview".

ITWeb: We're talking to @rageExpo project manager Michael James about the gaming expo in Joburg 4-6 October. Tweet #rageexpo with questions.

ITWeb: What are some of the games folks can expect to see showcased at this year's rAge?

Michael James (rAge): Most of the big games coming soon: New Killzone, GT6, AC4, Mad Max, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Disney Infinity, Skylanders, Swap Force.

ITWeb: What makes this year different from previous ones?

MJ: Lots of exciting new stuff and... the new hardware will be displayed at #rageexpo: Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony's PS4 and Nintendo's 2DS!

ITWeb: What's some of the content that will be on the stage area this year?

MJ: International game developers and pro gamers, world-first hardware announcements, CoD: Ghosts and more, Cosplay finals and prizes.

@Bosele: Will there be any of the new smartphone makers, as they also now form part of the gaming sphere?

MJ: Not this year, but we're aware of it as a growing part of the gaming industry. We do talk to all the manufacturers.

ITWeb: In your opinion, is gaming becoming more mainstream or is it still pretty niche in SA?

MJ: You can't escape gaming - it's everywhere. It's growing and will continue to grow and mature along with its audience.

ITWeb: What defines a gamer, in your view? Is my mom who plays Angry Birds on her iPad a "gamer"?

MJ: We don't define gamers like that; everyone is welcome and there are good games for mom, dad, brother and even uncle bob.

@GrahamZA: Last year saw over 32k attendees and some had to be stopped at the door. What attendance predictions are there, and how will the masses be handled?

MJ: We are expecting more people but have a number of plans in place to deal with the crowds. Last year was crazy.

@GrahamZA: Any more details on that?

MJ: Wider aisles, more staff, increased seating and so on. We moved the LAN around, and also, come on Sunday. ;)

@GrahamZA: How about the creative corner? Last year it was awesome, but didn't have much attention.

MJ: The artist alley? Yes, it will return this year, same size and place. We're focusing on local indie games too.

ITWeb: Can you expand on the local and indie games focus please?

MJ: We're going to have 15 local indie games at the home_coded booth all playable. As well as a game by NAG at the NAG stand.

@L_WoW: Will there be time limits on trying out new games? Last year people hogged the games, playing for 1 hour +.

MJ: We've asked all our exhibitors to control access and time. Especially for the new consoles.

@NqobileT_: Do you need shuttle tickets, if you are using the shuttle on the Friday of rAge?

MJ: You will need to buy tickets before you get to the shuttle, here.

@Piesang: When will #rAge come to the CTICC for a change? It's a bit far to travel all the way from Cape Town.

MJ: We'd love to do rAge in Cape Town. There are many logistical issues that make this tough.

@Fireprufe15: Will you ever move to a bigger venue? The Coke Dome is getting more cramped every year.

MJ: No plans to move right now. Let's just get through this one. ;)

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