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Synergy merger with West Consult set to innovate the implementation side of ERP

Johannesburg, 16 Apr 2015
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Synergy Group, a leading South African Sage ERP partner, has joined forces with West ERP Consulting to form a holistic implementation team called SynergERP.

Established in 1993, Synergy, which is a Sage Premier Partner, has been implementing the Sage ERP range of enterprise resource planning software for more than two decades. From mid-level enterprise software (Sage ERP 300) to large enterprise software solutions (Sage ERP X3) as well customer relationship management (Sage CRM) software, Synergy has experience in rolling out successful projects for various industries.

West ERP Consulting (West Consult), which was started by Fritz van der Westhuizen in 2014, also specialises in the sale and implementation of Sage ERP solutions. West Consult brings customers and experience from countries in Africa such as Lesotho, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zambia and Namibia. Comprising a team of chartered-accountants-turned-ERP-consultants, West Consult also brings financial process know-how and value chain optimisation to the table.

"Technology is constantly enjoying huge waves of innovation and the same is true for Sage's ERP products, but without a holistic approach to the implementation of these products, it remains just another white elephant in the server room," says Synergy CEO Ashley Regenass.

When it comes to implementing an ERP solution, a lot of traditional consultants understand the technical aspects in fine detail, but they do not always have in-depth knowledge of the business processes and its influences on the bigger picture.

"This is why I am very excited about the merger with West Consult," explains Regenass. "Fritz and his team bring the ability to analyse business needs with a strong financial background. Not only do they truly understand the financial side of the business, but they have a comprehensive view of every department and business process within a company."

The two companies worked together on a project last year and Synergy was soon impressed by the quick and efficient manner in which the West Consult team approached its scope of work. From complicated reporting to in-depth proof of concepts, its strong CA background proved to be a distinct advantage and, according to Regenass, it was a natural next step for Synergy to approach West Consult to join forces on a more permanent basis.

"We are very excited to be part of Synergy," says Van der Westhuizen: "Apart from the benefit of leveraging their years of experience, their industry knowledge and track record, we are also proud to be part of a team who shares our vision of service innovation."

Following the merger, a new business division called SynergERP was established. This division, which consists of the West Consult team, as well as senior developers, key ERP consultants and seasoned project managers from Synergy, will focus on the implementation of larger-scale enterprise projects using Sage ERP X3.

"Creating a super-team has been long in the making. With SynergERP, we can build on our combined service excellence and provide our current and future clients with a service that will further enhance their ERP experience," says Regenass.

Looking forward, Synergy is focusing on further growth and expansion in South Africa and Africa, with specific emphasis on the nurturing and growth of current and new top talent consultants. Regenass explains: "Creating an environment where our employees can thrive and innovate has always been part of the success of this group. Together with West Consult, we will expand on one of our core values of being an employee-centric company."

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