Open Compute widens servers with Open Rack

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Open Compute widens servers with Open Rack

The Open Compute Project (OCP) has announced a new Open Rack standard that will change the interior server width to 21 inches in a bid to improve server density for hyperscale computing data centres, ServerWatch reports.

The announcement came during the Open Compute Summit, in Texas, on Wednesday, where the OCP celebrated its first anniversary.

OCP is an effort originated by Facebook that has now grown to include many of the leading vendors in the IT industry.

According to Data Center Knowledge, the biggest change is in the width of the server itself. Open Rack provides a 21-inch-wide slot for servers, expanding upon the 19-inch width that has long been the standard for data centre hardware.

The wider form factor will create more room for improved thermal management, as well as better connections for power and cabling.

Hewlett-Packard and Quanta Computer are among the new companies joining OCP, Bloomberg Businessweek writes.

The two companies are teaming up with other technology providers such as Dell, Intel and Netflix, which already have become official members.

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