4th Gen Intel Core now in SA

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Intel's latest 4th Generation Core Processor was released in the USA back in June, but it is now officially here in SA.

At a briefing at the rAge gaming expo in Johannsburg, Intel spoke in depth about the processor and the devices that it's powering.

Key points:

It enables 50 percent improvement in battery life.

Paired with Intel Iris graphics, the processor delivers up to double the graphics performance over the previous generation.

Due to the purchase of McAfee a few years ago, security measures like identity protection are now built on to the chip.

Random number and certificate generators are built in to the chip and are set up through software, meaning that hackers would have to have access to the actual device in order to intercept information.

The processor also supports perception computing. For example a 3D camera on a device scanning the user's face before granting access.

Systems powered with the new core can wake up approximately eight times faster and handle everyday computing tasks roughly four times faster.

Since the processor is essentially a "system-on-a-chip" it enables new form factors and designs.

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