Facebook cosies up to ESET

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In this edition of the Worldwide Wrap, Facebook has added Slovak vendor ESET to its suite of security products, and Apple has been accused of wiping iPods of music downloaded from competing music services between 2007 and 2009.

Facebook cosies up to ESET

Facebook, which earlier this year started partnering with F-Secure and Trend Micro for malware detection, has added Slovak vendor ESET to its suite of security products.

F-Secure and Trend both pointed Facebook users at their free online scans if devices behaved in a way that suggested infection. The user would then get pointed at the vendors' online scan and clean-up services. ESET is operating under a similar deal, and Facebook similarly says the tie-ups will help it keep malicious links and harmful sites out of news feeds and messages.
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Apple deletes rival music

Apple has been accused of wiping iPods of music downloaded from competing music services between 2007 and 2009 without the knowledge of customers, a court has heard.

When a user who had downloaded music from a non-iTunes music service attempted to sync their iPod to their iTunes library, an error message was displayed urging the user to restore the music player to its factory settings, lawyer Patrick Coughlin said in a Californian court.
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Music video breaks view counter

The "Gangnam Style" music video has been viewed so many times, not even YouTube can keep up. People have pushed the view count on Psy's viral music video to more than 2.15 billion since it was first posted in 2012.

In a post on Monday, the company said the YouTube system wasn't prepared. "We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer (2 147 483 647 views)," the post reads. As a result, the YouTube view counter stopped counting views after that figure.
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Wikipedia's gender problem

The online, crowd-sourced encyclopaedia is open to anyone who wants to edit it, but surveys suggest that nearly 90% of these volunteer "Wikipedians" are male. A 2011 editor survey by the Wikimedia Foundation pegged the number of active female editors at only 9%. Other surveys have found slightly different percentages, but none exceeds about 15% female representation worldwide.

Now, researchers are delving into how that gender schism affects the content of Wikipedia, while the Wikimedia Foundation and independent groups search for ways to get more women involved.
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Raspberry Pi rival unveiled

British chip designer Imagination has produced a barebones computer to compete with the Raspberry Pi. Called the Creator CI20, the board has a more powerful processor than the Pi, more memory and more onboard storage.

For its graphics, it uses a version of the Imagination chip also found in Apple's iPad tablet.
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Software to stop drunk driving

Researchers in Germany claim to have created the first library of drunk speech patterns, which could be used to predict drunkenness by listening for vocal cues.

Called The Alcohol Language Corpus, the database was made between 2007 and 2009 by giving people too much alcohol to drink, before recording conversations conducted in a stopped car, where the drunk person was sitting in the passenger seat.
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