2016: Our year in review

A memorable and great year it was at Talksure, and one that brought many positive signs for the future.

Umhlanga, 20 Jan 2017
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2016 was truly a tremendous year for Talksure, and as we sit back and reflect on the year gone by, we turn our appreciation to our clients and staff. To all those reading this, we acknowledge that in some way or another, both employees and clients have helped Talksure make 2016 our best year thus far.

As we look back, we remember 2016 as the year Talksure established new ground in developing several new products, such as Elixi Health, Short Term Insurance, Help Me, Motor Warranty and Eezi, which is our first offshore venture and currently trading to Australia.

It was also the year we strengthened existing partnerships, as well as entered into new and exciting partnerships, gaining much confidence from them. This in turn allowed us to make a steady drive in the market and industry, which served as a strong indicator of the potential future of the business.

Possibly our most gratifying moment of 2016 was winning the award for Best Large Domestic Outsourced Contact Centre for the first time. The award was conferred on us by BPESA (Business Process Enabling South Africa). This award was an accomplishment for the entire Talksure family, and we will undoubtedly strive to achieve this wonderful honour time and time again in years to come.

Looking back on the year 2016 and all that Talksure has accomplished, it was only necessary to get into conversation with Managing Director, Jacques De Beer, to reflect on the achievements of this past year and what he foresees for 2017.

Last year, we developed our goal of expanding our product offerings and acquiring more customers. Looking back on 2016, where do you feel we landed on this goal? Did we meet it?

Definitely. We have launched five products last year as well as established our Australian brand, Eezi. We pride ourselves on offering products to the consumer that will save them money and offer them peace of mind in times of emergency or crisis. All the products we have launched meet this brief - from affordable medical cover, through to comparison opportunities for car insurance - and we are very happy with how the products have been received in the market, as well as by our employees and our existing client base. Fast-paced is what 2016 was for Talksure, with some rather momentous milestones both within Talksure and in the industry as a whole.

In your opinion, what kind of value did Talksure add?

For our clients, as mentioned above, we offer an array of choice which can reduce risks linked to everyday activities. From an employer perspective, we have added huge value through job creation and skills development, completing over 200 learnership opportunities for employees during the year and creating more than 100 additional jobs in the area.

Although this never stops being a companywide goal at Talksure, what kind of customer-related goals do we have planned for 2017?

Acknowledging the challenges in South Africa's economic and political climate, we want to build on our success in launching new products this year that fill a niche in the market, with the objective of becoming a fully fledged financial services organisation operating under all categories. Our focus is on offering everyday people the necessities to live, not luxury items that will be cut from household budgets.

In terms of the Talksure brand and its products, what do you envision for this year?

2017 will be a critical year for us, as we move to grow our in-house brands as well as develop new products. We look forward to building on existing partnerships and developing new partnerships during this year, as well as enhancing our international offer into the Australian market. There are various other exciting things we have in mind, and all this will be communicated later in the year.

Reflecting on 2016, how would you briefly review it?

We look back on 2016 as a year of many achievements. We have reached a peak of 400 000 paying clients, 750 employees, boasting 10 products, two countries and all topped off with our BPESA award for Best Large Outsourced Call Centre in SA. Finally, just reflecting on the past year at Talksure makes me realise that our numerous accomplishments can be measured in many different ways, and this spurs us on to achieve more in 2017.

To cap things off, here are some numbers and highlights from the past year.

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