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Ten key features of Call Cabinet: AI-powered call analytics

Johannesburg, 08 Jun 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising call analysis, enabling businesses to analyse inbound and outbound calls more efficiently and accurately than ever before. In this press release, we will explore how AI transforms call analysis and highlight the key features and benefits of Call Cabinet, a leading AI-powered call analytics platform.

AI has the capability to analyse the intricacies of each call, providing valuable insights that can be utilised to enhance operations. The power of AI-driven voice analytics has been credited by many organisations for boosting supervisors' and agents' performance as well as improving customer satisfaction. Furthermore, AI has the potential to identify opportunities for cost reduction, compliance improvement and even detection of fraudulent activity.

In the context of businesses and call centres handling thousands or tens of thousands of calls daily, AI becomes an indispensable tool for gaining a comprehensive understanding of operations. Human capacity alone is insufficient to process such vast amounts of data.

Features of Call Cabinet

1. AI-powered voice analysis

AI-driven voice analytics leverages the power of AI to transform call details into actionable data for operational improvements. It enables supervisors and agents to enhance their performance and improve customer satisfaction. Moreover, AI can identify cost-saving opportunities, improve compliance and detect fraudulent activities, making it an essential tool for managing large volumes of calls.

2. Benefits of AI-driven call analysis

When relying on AI-driven call analysis, businesses can expect numerous benefits:

  • Automated call and voice analysis saves time and money;
  • Personalised customer service through tailored recommendations;
  • Improved sales performance through the identification of effective techniques;
  • Reduced call volume with AI-powered self-service options;
  • Enhanced compliance monitoring to meet regulatory requirements; and
  • Improved agent and supervisor performance through targeted training.

3. Enterprise-grade cloud-based call recording

Call Cabinet's Atmos call recording platform offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution for call recording. It ensures compliance, provides universal storage options and captures calls securely on cellular networks.

4. Comprehensive screen recording

Atmos enables the recording of agent and customer interactions, including audio, metadata and screen activity. This feature facilitates performance monitoring, best practice establishment and process bottleneck identification.

5. Industry-leading speech recognition

Call Cabinet's AI-powered speech recognition and natural language processing engine deliver accurate transcriptions, surpassing other voice recording systems by 10%. This transcription capability assists in improving customer service, sales, compliance and quality assurance.

6. Sentiment analysis for customer experience

Call Cabinet's AI-driven voice analytics identifies sentiment and emotional context in calls, helping businesses understand customer responses better. This feature enables targeted training and personalised customer service.

7. Automated and accurate call analysis

Call Cabinet's Atmos platform offers AI-driven voice analytics for automated and accurate call analysis, providing valuable insights into customer needs, sales strategies and compliance requirements.

8. Military-grade security and compliance

Atmos provides robust security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance. It offers audio and screen redaction, cloud encryption and 256-bit AES rotating encryption for data protection.

9. Complete data resilience and redundancy

Atmos guarantees data resilience with 2N redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted service in case of hardware failure. The platform's compatibility with Azure cloud and global data centres ensures data sovereignty compliance and reliable data management.

10. Universal integration with telephony and UCaaS platforms

Call Cabinet's Atmos seamlessly integrates with telephony and UCaaS platforms, allowing businesses to record and analyse voice, video and text communications. It supports popular platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Zoom.

By leveraging Call Cabinet's AI-powered call analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights from their communication activities. The platform's comprehensive features, including cloud-based call recording, speech recognition, sentiment analysis and granular search capabilities, empower businesses to improve operations, enhance customer satisfaction and ensure compliance.

United Telecoms can help your organisation integrate Call Cabinet into your communication workflow and experience the benefits of AI-powered call analytics. Contact us on 086 001 8500 or

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