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ITWeb's Executive Forum - The Engaged Web

For more information about the ITWeb Executive Forum - The Engaged Web taking place 18 November 2009 at the Southern Sun Grayston Hotel in Sandton Johannesburg click here.

ITWeb will host a free Executive Forum next week to discuss Web 2.0 and the 'engaged Web'.

This forum, in joint partnership with EPiServer, will be held on 18 November at the Southern Sun Grayston Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg. Industry experts will gather to discuss issues pertaining to Web 2.0 and the future of doing business in a connected world.

Dave Duarte, a digital media and marketing educator, will give the keynote presentation. He will address how people and companies engage with new forms of communication, and how to incorporate this into business practices.

Philippe Morin, business unit manager of e-business at 3fifteen Technology Solutions, will give a presentation entitled, 'The South African Web comes of age', covering pertinent local issues in a constantly changing Internet environment.

“I will explore how the users of the Internet have changed and how businesses need to speak to them now, and how we match their intentions with the content we provide,” Morin says.

According to Morin, companies need to take note of who Net users are today, as well as think of who the next generation of users will be, and how companies can win their trust as they use the Web.

Dan Matthews, technical architect at EPiServer SA, will also look at changing how companies see the Web.

Matthews will talk about shifting businesses' perspectives on the Web, and give practical advice on steps to take.

“The greatest challenge of the 'engaged Web' is for enterprises to have a vision for engagement and see it through. The engaged Web is happening all around us but without understanding how to make the most of the opportunity it presents, it will be a missed opportunity. And that is a mistake that your competitors will not be making,” stresses Matthews.

Matthews adds that the Web is often the most important channel for an enterprise, but is not reflected in the vision or investment spend. “It is critical to understand the importance and role of both marketing and communications, and IT in your online strategy, and to answer the question: is the Web site in your organisation merely a forgotten part of the IT budget?”

To find out more about attending this free forum on 18 November, click here.

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