MWEB Business breaks VPN barrier to entry

Johannesburg, 06 Aug 2008
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MWEB Business, the division of MWEB that focuses on the specialised Internet needs of businesses, has launched a solution that will make VPNs accessible to a broader SME audience.

MWEB Business has introduced a solution that aims to reduce customers' challenges when it comes to deploying a VPN solution. The new product, called Multi-VPN, is transport independent, meaning that the VPN can be deployed using a combination of connectivity options including fibre/copper leased lines or any broadband medium such as ADSL, 3G, iBurst and WiMax.

Even with this connection flexibility, the same levels of security, management and functionality are maintained across all VPN sites; however, certain performance guarantees are not available on broadband connections. This is largely mitigated through the use of multiple aggregation points interconnected to the major SA broadband networks ensuring the shortest possible path and virtually no possibility of access congestion to Multi-VPN's national MPLS backbone.

The access technology independence also extends to redundancy options, whereby any primary connectivity option can automatically failover to another e.g. lease line backed up by 3G wireless. Multi-VPN is also fully voice capable allowing for converged voice/data services to be delivered to any VPN site.

In the past, smaller businesses have shied away from this technology due to cost implications, and only medium and large-sized businesses with a number of branches which necessitated ongoing communication, were set to benefit from the installation of a VPN solution.

"We believe that this is a significant solution for smaller corporates as it will offer customers more flexibility - as well as cost saving - when making the decision to install a VPN solution," says Roman Hogh, head of technology and strategy at MWEB Business. "A business can now use differing connectivity options for different locations, for example using ADSL for smaller branches, 3G for mobile workers, while maintaining a leased line for bigger branches."

"The reality is that if your business operates from multiple locations, and/or has mobile/home workers, seamless cost-effective inter-company communication becomes essential to maintaining your business competitiveness and operational efficiency. The Multi-VPN solution was specifically designed to cater to this diverse requirement," Hogh concludes.

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