Objet reveals desktop 3D printer

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Objet reveals desktop 3D printer

The rise of options for the 'prosumer' continues as Objet unveiled the Objet30 Pro 3D printer, TCT Magazine reports.

Coming hot on the heels of Stratasys' Mojo release, it points to a continued push at the professional user from the merging companies. The Objet30 Pro brings users the option of up to seven materials for just under $20 000.

Features of the new device include a small footprint, professional 28-micron print quality and wide ranging material versatility, Eureka writes. It has a build tray size of 300x200x150mm, making it suitable for printing various sized and shaped models or multiple models on the same build tray at the same time.

One of the seven materials the printer can use is a heat resistant, transparent material called Objet VeroClear, which is intended for static functional testing. A propylene-like white material for simulated snap together parts called Objet durusWhite is also available, alongside four other rigid, opaque materials that come in black, white, blue and grey colours.

Slash Gear notes that the printer is designed for rapid prototyping solutions for designers and engineers who need to print real representations of virtual objects they design. The company says the new 3D printer slips into its existing line.

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