Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint

Johannesburg, 11 Feb 2019
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Digital transformation isn't just about speeding up manual processes. It's about improving customer and employee experiences.

Adobe Document Cloud for Office 365, which includes Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign and PDF services, integrates seamlessly with your existing business applications such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint.

With this integration, you can convert paper-based processes to compelling digital experiences that impress customers and help employees work and collaborate faster.

Work with Office 365 admin tools to centrally deploy Document Cloud add-ins fast. For Adobe Sign and PDF services, you can use a Web-based installer to configure your Office 365 accounts without installing additional software on users' desktop machines. For users who need the full desktop version of Acrobat DC, you can streamline software installation and configuration using standard tools.

Typical use cases for automating document preparation, signing and approvals across your organisation are as follows:

* Sales: Contracts and agreements, proposals and bids and application forms
* Legal: Non-disclosure agreements, business contracts and court filing documents
* IT operations: Asset documentation, change authorisation, policy documentation
* Human resources: Benefits enrolment, new hire onboarding forms and policy acknowledgements
* Marketing: Communications review/approval, collateral publication and release forms

Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop Services and Apple Remote Desktop. Seamless support for single sign-on simplifies access for authorised users. And entitlements can be centrally managed from the Adobe Admin Console, making it easy to adjust to changes in demand.

Global security, compliance and scale

Mitigate risk by ensuring your documents are securely signed, managed and stored in accordance with industry-specific compliance standards and regional regulations. Backed by hundreds of security features, processes and controls, Adobe Document Cloud solutions are certified compliant with rigorous security standards, including SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001. Documents are protected in development and in transit. And all of this runs on Adobe's scalable global cloud infrastructure.

The power of partnership

Adobe and Microsoft are strategic partners. With this partnership, you can maximise your investment in Adobe and Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation across your organisation, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and adapt to changing environments to meet market demand.

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