Taiwan sets convergence deadline

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Taiwan sets convergence deadline

The Taiwanese government will, by the end of 2012, implement a legislation allowing cross-line investments among telecom, broadcasting, and the Internet, reports Cens.com.

The legislative work is the first phase of the programme for digital convergence development, according to the report.

The programme envisions the establishment of a complete infrastructure by 2015, providing access to a 100Mbps cable broadband network for 80% of households, six million fibre-optic subscribers, two million wireless broadband subscribers and 50% penetration rate for digital cable TV.

AMD to build Beijing IT hub

AMD plans to establish its second global centre in Beijing to support the US headquarters and drive local information industry growth, states People's Daily Online.

The Chinese company says it will partner with original equipment manufacturers to focus on triple network convergence and technology innovation.

"The new global centre represents AMD's growing responsibility to China. AMD will continue with its commitment to growing together with the nation," says Bruce Claflin, AMD board chairman.

QLogic drives converged networking

Storage networking provider QLogic has rolled out a 10Gb Ethernet converged networking product line, says eWeek Europe.

According to QLogic product marketing manager John Spencer, the product line code can run offloaded fibre channel over Ethernet, iSCSI and/or IP traffic separately or concurrently.

Bob Laliberte, a senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, says: “Shifting protocol support on-the-fly will be important to those organisations needing to dynamically support a multitude of different workloads without disruption.”

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