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Three reasons every business needs a cloud phone system – especially if your office is at home

Johannesburg, 19 Aug 2021
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When people think of a modern office, they often think of cubicles, one-line phones and the dreaded headset. However, you can’t have your company’s reputation and customer service hanging by wires and located at a fixed location. In today’s customer-centric market when so many companies are operating from remote offices, more options than ever are available to help businesses achieve their daily communications goals.

The truth is, your customers aren't concerned with how you receive calls as long as you answer them in good time. Still, many companies hesitate to think beyond traditional on-premises PBX or private branch exchange systems cabled into their office premises; this could be a costly mistake.

Cloud hosted PBX vs traditional PBX: What’s the difference?

Business professionals from all industries agree – a company's phone system is a powerful force in driving increased productivity, improved communication and greater sales opportunities. One missed call equals one missed opportunity.

In an era where remote teams have become the norm, holding onto traditional on-site PBX systems doesn’t make sound business sense.

Both traditional and cloud PBX systems deliver the same results, but the latter offers far greater flexibility. They allow your team members to stay connected with your customers wherever they may be located.

Your teams can go on about their day without worrying about missing important calls when out of the office and get more work done in a shorter time.

Why businesses need an office phone system for remote employees

Shared phone system and flexibility = productivity

The problem with working from home is that many businesses are not ready. Only a handful of companies were actually prepared to set up remote workplaces after the pandemic. In many cases, these are now hybrid companies with some team members working remotely and others working in the office or a mix of these two scenarios.

A virtual PBX or hosted phone system offers you a means of communication that is both extremely professional and easy to use and set up. The system allows you to create extensions and forward calls to colleagues' smartphones, PCs or handsets, ensuring your customers are taken care of wherever your teams are basing themselves.

With a cloud PBX system, you are able to turn on advanced functionality in an instant. Need a report to tell you if you are missing customer calls? It's there. Need to listen in on a customer complaint? No problem, turn on legally compliant voice recordings in minutes. The system exists in a secure dual power environment and all features are turned on and off by a simple toggle.

All this means you won’t have to continually monitor your employees to see whether or not they are manning their phones or missing customer calls, and you can also quickly identify where your colleagues may need additional training.

Phone system security = trust

You are working with sensitive company data. Your business depends on the security and privacy of your phone calls, so it should come as no surprise that your office phone system should have at least the same level of protection.

Virtual PBX phone systems use transport layer security (TLS) and secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP) to encrypt your calls, so you can rest assured that your conversations remain confidential even when your employees are deployed on the field.

Improved brand reputation = growth

If your customers or prospects are unable to get in touch with you, they certainly won’t be doing business with you.

Any lack of availability from your end can cause complaints to go unheard and unresolved and may cause your brand reputation and customer retention to suffer.

A cloud PBX system will allow you to respond to your clients immediately, from anywhere that your workforce is based at that current time. This assures customers that they are dealing with a professional company, leading your brand reputation to deliver a positive impression.

The future is virtual

As more companies go remote each day, countless businesses have begun implementing a smartphone allowance to replace office phones. These virtual systems will help companies make significant savings on phone bills without chaining their employees to landlines. A cloud PBX allows you to set up a geographic or 086 business number within a day.

Just like e-mails replaced faxes, hosted PBX systems have the potential to replace traditional phone systems in the coming years, considering the fact that 73% of all departments will experience the remote shift by 2028.

If using a traditional PBX system isn’t offering you the flexibility you need, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up your cloud PBX system for you. The future of calling has never been so affordable! 

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