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“The platform aims to assists small to medium legal firms in managing and automating their legal practice. It also allows for legal practices to work from home seamlessly and maintain services to their customers.”

Johannesburg, 28 Jul 2022
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As the pandemic occurred, it allowed for organisations to come up with new strategies to work and maintain their businesses. One of the strategies was working from home or the place of your choice to offer services to clients and maintain profitability to the business. Billetterie LPM was one of the systems that was configured to allow legal firms to work seamlessly. The use of Billetterie LPM allowed firms to work flexibly and become operational. The system can be configured and customisable according to specific business needs. Its features include handling all case matters, IP records, deadline management, financial tracking, billing and e-filing for your legal practice. It includes the management of day-to-day legal operations by: 

  • Automating the creation of default tasks of an IP or matter;
  • Automating the tracking of service requests;
  • Organising IP and matter documents all in one place;
  • Creating default document and invoicing templates for different practice areas;
  • Creating and applying workflows for day-to-day tasks;
  • The management of your trust account;
  • Scheduling daily activities on the events calendar, which includes meetings, calls with clients, etc;
  • API integration, which allows you to interact with other applications;
  • Self-service feature, which allows your clients to make use of the chatbot and knowledge base to get information on what they may need; and
  • A customised website, client portal and service catalogue can help make your practice more professional, credible and legitimate in managing service requests and maintaining customer satisfaction.

The SaaS system can assist you in several practice areas, including:

  • Intellectual property (IP), which is one of the key areas of focus;
  • Advisory services;
  • Litigations;
  • Conveyancing; and
  • Commercial law.

Benefits of incorporating software as part of your daily legal practice

  • Increased productivity. Integrating applications that use the same data sources will allow you to improve your operations productivity.
  • More reliable data. Integrating and unifying your software systems reduces the risk of using inaccurate data.
  • Better client experienceBy allowing clients to fill out forms online (even from the device and location of their choice), you are making life easy, not only for yourself, but – most importantly – for your clients.
  • Better data tracking and analyticsPowerful analytics are built directly to help you track important business metrics for your law firm – things like where your leads are coming from, how effectively you are converting prospects into clients, and which types of matters have a great performance. Great reporting tool to track performance by customising your reports.
  • Enhanced analysis. Related data is more meaningful and powerful when it is pulled together in one application.
  • Improved data security. Managing the security of your data within one unified system application is much easier than managing multiple systems of data.

Customer review

Case management made easy!

As a small but growing law firm, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the increasing volume of tasks and fall behind on deadlines due to a shortage of personnel to attend to the various tasks, but Billetterie has made it easy to keep space with the growing case management demands of a growing client base. It has streamlined my case management process by keeping all documents, case notes, contacts, tasks, reminders and calendared events in one place. What I love most about Billetterie is:

  • It serves as a safe and reliable repository for client’s information, contacts, documents, client files and related information;
  • It has a client portal feature, which allows the firm to grant clients access to their case files, thereby cutting back on time spent preparing regular updates to clients since they will have access to them as and when they are recorded on the system;
  • Communication with clients has never been made easier and quicker, as it can be done directly on and through the system;
  • It helps keep track of time entries for billing purposes; and
  • It does a serviceable job with task management and reminders.

Like all software, there is always an opportunity for improvements and Billetterie is no different. Having said that, it is a great investment for any law firm with guaranteed big returns on time, billing and stress-free and effective case management, and communication with clients. – Maxelegu Attorneys

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