Fujitsu delivers next-generation storage performance for the digital world

This new generation of storage systems is performance-optimised to manage the immense data growth, always-on applications and complex workloads of the digital age.

Munich and Tokyo, 08 Nov 2019
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News facts:

  • New Fujitsu storage ETERNUS AF150 S3 delivers affordable all-flash storage, with no compromises, for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Fujitsu storage ETERNUS DX900 S5 enterprise-grade mid-range hybrid storage achieves maximum IOPS and scalability in the data centre with low latencies
  • Fujitsu innovates and expands its extensive ETERNUS storage portfolio to suit fast- changing data and business requirements

Fujitsu today announces its newly innovated, extended line-up of ETERNUS AF S3 all-flash arrays and ETERNUS DX S5 hybrid storage systems. Designed to support the new paradigms of digitalisation, this new generation of storage systems is performance-optimised to easily manage the immense data growth, always-on applications and complex workloads of the digital age, while offering the greatest storage efficiency to keep costs at a minimum.

With the introduction of two all-new storage solutions; namely, the entry-level all-flash ETERNUS AF150 S3 and the enterprise-grade, mid-range hybrid storage system ETERNUS DX900 S5, Fujitsu further expands its extensive storage portfolio to meet the needs of any data centre environment, delivering the right architecture for all data requirements and business demands.

An ideal solution for smaller businesses and branch offices, the ETERNUS AF150 S3 entry-level all-flash array combines cutting-edge storage features and performance at an affordable price. Optimised for ultra-low response times, this storage system can work with data volumes of up to 92 TB and is ranked number one in price-performance ($/SPC-1 IOPS) in the latest SPC-11 benchmark test results.

The ETERNUS AF150 S3 is easy to deploy and manage, and is fully compatible with all other storage systems of the ETERNUS family. This allows customers to seamlessly grow their storage infrastructures and operate several storage solutions across their network through one unified management interface.

The second newcomer, ETERNUS DX900 S5, fills a gap at the top end of the market as an enterprise-grade, mid-range hybrid storage system that delivers high performance at an attractive price. Scalable up to four controllers, it provides enough scalability for most use cases, storing up to 70 petabytes (PB) and easily achieves million-level IOPS, as confirmed in the latest results published by the Storage Performance Council (1). Hardware-accelerated compression with fully automated service-level management means it delivers unmatched efficiency, while easy storage replication, mirroring and transparent failover gives customers full peace of mind when it comes to reliable business data continuity.

More processing power and faster memory

Alongside the two new products, Fujitsu introduces the third generation of ETERNUS AF all-flash array, and the fifth generation of the ETERNUS DX hybrid storage family. Fujitsu has turbo-charged the ETERNUS AF S32 and ETERNUS DX S53 lines with more processing power, faster and bigger system memory, NVMe cache in the mid-range hybrid storage systems, as well as hardware-accelerated compression and deduplication technology. These innovations result in enhanced performance and scalability for business-critical storage in data centres, branch offices and SMBs, providing reliable support for even the most demanding business and analytical applications.

Easy storage management

Management of all new and existing ETERNUS storage solutions is straightforward, thanks to Fujitsu ETERNUS SF Storage Management Software. ETERNUS SF offers powerful monitoring features through an intuitive user interface, including shared functions such as replication, migration and the operation of storage clusters across the all-flash and hybrid systems, all delivered with simple and transparent licensing. 

Fujitsu has also partnered with Veeam for simplified backup and recovery. Using Veeam storage snapshot plug-ins, customers can create frequent and complete VM backups and replicas from snapshots, with little to no effect on their production environment.

Beyond the storage layer, Fujitsu Software Infrastructure Manager creates one single management pane across all Fujitsu storage ETERNUS systems, Fujitsu server PRIMERGY and networking components. This allows for the consistent and efficient management of the entire data centre infrastructure and helps organisations accelerate data centre innovation.

To help customers maximise their storage investment, Fujitsu has created a new guarantee program (4) for the new ETERNUS product generations, which includes commitments to zero downtime, data reduction and 100% SSD availability, as well as covering customer satisfaction and continued support for customers’ expansion and growth.

Kenichi Sakai, SVP and Head of System Platform Business Unit at Fujitsu, said: “The relentless digitalisation of everything creates countless new data sources, as well as new applications to turn the masses of data into business value. According to IDC, by 2025 the global data sphere will grow to 175 trillion gigabytes, with much of this residing in enterprises. We have addressed the challenge of a storage system by creating one seamless product family for business-critical data that can meet any business requirement for performance, capacity and cost. What’s more, we are so confident in the performance of our ETERNUS products that we are now offering a comprehensive guarantee program for our customers.”

Pricing and availability

The new ETERNUS storage systems will be available to order from November 2019 onwards (5) via Fujitsu and its channel partners. Pricing varies according to configuration.

1 SPC Benchmark-1: Storage Performance Council. A non-profit organisation that evaluates the performance of storage by leading companies in the storage industry. SPC Benchmark-1TM is a trademark of the Storage Performance Council.

The SPC Benchmark-1 is designed to be vendor/platform independent and applicable across a broad range of storage configurations and topologies. SPC Benchmark-1 consists of a single workload designed to demonstrate the performance of a storage subsystem while performing the typical functions of business-critical applications. Those applications are characterised by predominantly random I/O operations and require both queries as well as update operations.

Ranked number 1 in price/performance

The Fujitsu ETERNUS AF150 S3 achieved an excellent price/performance ratio of $89.40/SPC-1 KIOPS (Input/Output Per Second), input/output performance of up to 2,80,010 IOPS and a response time of 0.460 milliseconds. As of 4 November 2019. The Price/Performance Department calculated the performance value recorded under the performance test conditions defined by SPC -1: SPC -1 IOPS, from the sales price of the configuration that recorded the same performance value.

In test results submitted to SPC on 4 November 2019, the Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S3 delivered an outstanding input/output performance of up to 8,00,130 IOPS and a response time of just .310 milliseconds. The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX900 S5 attained an exceptional input/output performance of up to 16,01,170 IOPS and a sustainable response time of just .370 milliseconds, supporting a capacity of more than 70 PB.

SPC-1 Benchmark Test Results: AF150 S3, AF650 S3, DX900 S5. Individual SPC reports will be available only on 4 November.

2 The FUJITSU ETERNUS AF150 S3,AF250 S3, AF 650 S3 all-flash array systems have been updated with the new generation of Intel Xeon processors, increased system memory and hardware-accelerated storage compression, and deduplication (in ETERNUS AF250 S3 and ETERNUS AF650 S3), delivering higher IOPS, efficiency and reduced latency.

3 The FUJITSU ETERNUS DX60 S5, DX100 S5, DX200 S5, DX500 S5, DX600 S5 and DX900 S5 hybrid storage systems have been updated with the new generation of Intel Xeon processors, hardware-accelerated storage compression and deduplication in the mid-range hybrid systems (DX900 S5 offers compression only), unified hypervisor-less lean stack and superfast NVMe cache in the mid-range hybrid systems, delivering higher IOPS, efficiency and reduced latency.

4 Customers are required to register for the Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS AF/DX Global Guarantee Program, and must have a valid maintenance support contract within the product maintenance service period. The availability and start date of the guarantee program depends on the country. Additional local terms and conditions apply.

5 General availability from November 2019: ETERNUS AF650 S3 / DX500 S5 / DX600 S5; November 2019 (Japan)/December 2019 (Europe): ETERNUS DX900 S5; January 2020: ETERNUS AF150 S3 / AF250 S3 / DX60 S5 / DX100 S5 / DX200 S5

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