Samsung debuts new Galaxy A-series smartphones

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Samsung Galaxy A-series lands in SA.
Samsung Galaxy A-series lands in SA.

Samsung has unveiled the latest Galaxy A-series smartphones, including the all new Galaxy A80.

In a statement, it says the latest devices build on the Galaxy range's 10-year history and are designed with improvements to the essential device features.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer notes the new Galaxy A-series is designed for the way people are connecting today, adding that consumers can experience the Galaxy ecosystem using services such as Samsung Health, Samsung Members and Bixby.

"Galaxy A is designed to provide an option for everyone, whether for first-time mobile users or value-seekers," says Justin Hume, Samsung Electronics South Africa director for integrated mobility.

"We focused on the needs of the local market and have researched the unique preferences to bring the flagship experience to a broader audience. It offers premium features to South Africans who want to live the Galaxy life."

The Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A50 both feature on-screen fingerprint, ultra-wide angle and triple camera, infinity-U display and default storage space of 128GB. The A70 is a 6.7-inch device, while the A50 is 6.4-inches. The A70 and A50 have a battery of 4 500mAh and 4 000mAh respectively.

The Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A20 smartphones have the same 4 000mAh battery, ultra-wide dual camera and a 6.4-inch infinity-U display. Storage for the A30 is 64GB and 32GB for the A20.

Samsung's Galaxy A10 is a 6.2-inch smartphone, featuring infinity-V display, 3 400mAh battery and 32GB storage space.

The A2 Core has a 1.6GHz octa core CPU, 2 600mAh battery and comes with storage space of 16GB or 8GB.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy A80 offers a full-screen display, Samsung's first rotating camera and an intelligent battery.

The A80 is created for the way people are increasingly using their smartphones to share live interactions, capturing spontaneous photos, streaming live video and connecting over shared experiences that are happening right now, says the company.

Galaxy A80 specifications:

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