Fire-resistant hoverboard bag promises fewer fires

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An Australian company has seen a business opportunity in the numerous hoverboard-related fires and explosions that have made headlines in recent months, and seized it with the Hovervault, a fire-resistant bag for safely storing the hazardous devices.

The Hovervault is made from fibre-glass composite, and can be used to store or transport the user's hoverboard, as well as contain it while it charges, as the devices are known to burst into flames while plugged into a power source.

Old news

The exploding hoverboard epidemic is commonly regarded as result of unsafe use of lithium-ion batteries in an industry that is yet to be formally regulated or see trusted manufacturers emerge.

The batteries are also used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and are known to cause fires in these devices, albeit less frequently than in hoverboards.

Another common use for unstable lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries is in electric vehicles, such as drones. Speciality fireproof and fire resistant bags are commonplace safety precautions among drone and remote-controlled plane and car racers and hobbyists, and it was here that James Stewart got the idea for the Hovervault, according the Mashable Australia. He was inspired by similar bags he used for the batteries in his own hobby drones.

Vital precaution

While no fatalities have been caused by hoverboards, the devices have started multiple house fires, endangering the lives and destroying the homes and possessions of users in the USA, UK and Australia.

The fires have been caused by hoverboards from popular and more expensive brands and cheap, unknown manufacturers alike.

Michelle Avenant
portals journalist.

Michelle Avenant is ITWeb portals journalist.

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