Omni-ID: Leading the pack in IT asset tracking

Johannesburg, 22 Aug 2012
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Which RFID tag for IT Asset Management?
Which RFID tag for IT Asset Management?

"Many companies claim to have RFID tags designed for IT asset management," says Stef du Plessis of Osiris Technical Systems. "During tests performed by RFID Network engineers, the Omni-ID Prox NG tag had the best overall performance out of the five tags tested."

The largest data centres in the world are now using RFID technology for IT asset tracking. This is a challenging environment in which to obtain reliable and consistent results. Many variables exist that all influence the performance of the tags. Tags are applied to metal or plastic, over ventilation holes and sometimes in enclosures. The orientation of the tags also differs. The ideal tag has to overcome all these challenges.

Recently, RFID Network contacted several companies that advertise tags for IT asset tracking to buy tags for testing and evaluating. Only Omni-ID, Xerafy and Confidex were able to supply the tags within four weeks, as advertised. The following tags were tested: Omni-ID Prox NG, Xerafy Global Track, Xerafy Data Track and Confidex Steelwave: both HIGGS IC and the Monza 3 IC versions.

"What we found was the Prox NG from Omni-ID had the furthest overall read performance, and more importantly, the least amount of orientation sensitivity."

Read the full test and watch the video at RFID Tag Benchmark for IT Asset Management . The RFID Network Best-In-Class awards are the only awards in the RFID industry based on scientifically repeatable tests of real-world scenarios and not surveyed opinion results of unknown sources.

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