Empower your traceability and boost productivity with new Matrix 320 Fixed Imager Barcode Scanner

Johannesburg, 18 Jun 2021
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The Matrix 320 image-based code reader has been designed to EMPOWER TRACEABILITY applications, providing benefits for end-users and machine builders. Matrix 320 brilliantly solves traceability applications in intralogistics, distribution, 3PL, retail logistics and shop floor.

Matrix 320 offers a COMPLETE SOLUTION and TOP PERFORMANCE to achieve higher productivity at the best price/performance ratio thanks to its superior 2MP sensor (1 920 × 1 080 pixels with a 16:9 form factor), achieving an extra-large field of view (FOV) on horizontal axis that competes against 3MP readers.

Matrix 320 has excellent reading performance on label and high resolution DPM thanks to powerful smart configurable lighting allowing three colour options able to solve extreme challenging traceability applications. To boost productivity in intralogistics and logistics segments, hands-free operations enjoy higher performance thanks to Matrix 320 snappy reactivity and its outstanding depth of field (DOF). Matrix 320 provides highest market application flexibility thanks to a modular design, a reduced number of models complemented by a complete portfolio of lenses, lightings, filters, accessories.

Embedded electronic focus dramatically reduces installation time and allows easy reconfiguration, improving production flexibility in line with Industry 4.0 requirements. Matrix 320 is very easy to install thanks to its improved integrated aiming system, X-Press button HMI and DL. Code software powered by easy and intuitive auto learning/auto setup features. Full industrial connectivity, overall compactness, rotating connectors and top industrial grade make Matrix 320 extremely easy to fit into every industrial environment. New configurable 360-degree multicolor read feedback and Green/Red Spot technology provide an outstanding visual feedback. Performance analysis is also simplified by a new Web interface to monitor the reader with a complete suite of diagnostics that leverages a new generation of FTP image saving.

Matrix 320 2MP models complement the current Matrix family of Matrix 120 and Matrix 220, once again establishing the Datalogic leadership in stationary industrial scanners.

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