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Bringing fibre to the people: How Zoom Fibre is bridging the digital divide in SA

Johannesburg, 08 Jun 2023

While South Africa has made significant strides in expanding connectivity and digital infrastructure, there are still significant barriers that prevent equal access and participation in the digital world. Amid the many challenges to driving digital inclusion in South Africa, Zoom Fibre has emerged as a leading force, a provider committed to bridging the digital divide, it says.

The lack of affordable and reliable internet access in many underprivileged communities is plaguing education, entrepreneurship and many other sectors in South Africa. High costs associated with data and limited availability of broadband infrastructure make it challenging for individuals in these communities to connect to the internet. This digital divide creates disparities in educational opportunities, employment prospects, access to information and social engagement.

Rural areas and townships often face the greatest challenges in terms of digital exclusion. These regions often have limited or no access to broadband infrastructure, resulting in slow and unreliable internet connections.

Zoom Fibre’s role in the digital revolution

Did you know that 31.8% of South Africans didn’t have access to digital technology in 2022? That equates to 19.21 million people in South Africa. Zoom Fibre is addressing this massive lack of digital infrastructure by bridging the digital divide and unlocking opportunities that were once inaccessible by those previously under-served.

In recent years, South Africa has experienced a rapid expansion of fibre infrastructure, revolutionising internet access for people across the nation. Fibre-optic cables, capable of delivering lightning-fast speeds and unparalleled reliability, are being deployed in both urban and rural areas. This growth has provided communities with access to high-speed internet, eradicating the barriers to internet access and fostering digital inclusion throughout the country.

With a strong commitment to inclusivity, Zoom Fibre has implemented strategic initiatives to deploy fibre infrastructure in areas that previously lacked reliable internet access. Offering affordable packages and reliable connectivity, Zoom Fibre is empowering individuals and businesses with enhanced access to education, e-commerce and remote work. The impact is far-reaching, opening doors to economic growth, entrepreneurship and improved quality of life.

Why should you consider fibre?

Fibre connectivity offers a host of advantages that distinguish it from other internet options.

Fibre technology, which uses thin strands of glass to transmit data, offers unparalleled speed and stability compared to traditional copper-based connections.

Unlike traditional connections prone to interruptions, fibre offers consistent performance, ensuring uninterrupted access to online services, education resources and e-commerce platforms.

Fibre-optic technology delivers unmatched speed compared to DSL or cable connections and maintains consistent speeds, regardless of peak usage times.

Fibre connections are resistant to interference from weather conditions or electromagnetic signals, resulting in a stable and reliable internet connection. Say goodbye to disruptions caused by external factors.

With ample bandwidth capacity to support increasing data demands, fibre can easily accommodate your evolving connectivity needs whether you're a growing household or a business expanding its operations.

Investing in fibre is a future-proof choice, as it can adapt to emerging technologies and increasing bandwidth requirements. Fibre networks are well-equipped to handle the demands of evolving digital services, ensuring you stay connected to the advancements of the digital era.

Fibre technology: The smart choice

As South Africa continues to embrace the digital age, the widespread adoption of fibre technology will contribute to economic growth, educational advancements and improved quality of life for all.

Starting from R345 per month for 10mbps uncapped home fibre (with free installation), Zoom Fibre can get you connected in no time. Choose from a range of uncapped residential and business packages to suit your specific needs and budget.

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