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Johannesburg, 09 Jul 2019
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Leading HR and human capital management specialist CRS Technologies has rolled out a new employee engagement solution, aptly named Engage, which offers risk-free talent administration and enables businesses to cultivate a rich, vibrant and interactive environment to inspire staff.

CRS Technologies maintains that in the digital economy and modern workplace, employee engagement is essential to boost productivity, reduce staff churn, improve customer satisfaction and enrich the company culture.

Citing Gallup research, which shows that only 15% of employees globally are engaged with their jobs, Ian McAlister, General Manager of CRS Technologies, says employee apathy is hurting business, and issues like the lack of recognition, little organisational transparency and a divide between senior management and the rest of staff represent ongoing challenges.

McAlister says risk-free talent administration, or that which enables the business to easily report and automatically reassess and re-position the HR function (with no risk to operations), has become the hallmark of progressive HR management and synonymous with advancing technically aware human capital management processing.

He adds: “It’s also about leveraging continuous and collaborative conversations with employees around shorter-term goals and identifying and resolving barriers to achieving goals, rather than simply ticking boxes about what makes a good employee. There is something to be said for organisations that are prepared to listen to their employees, relate to them, and develop strategic interventions that make them feel like an integral part of the business.”

McAlister continues: “Pioneering organisations are increasingly challenging the conventional role of performance management in the employee engagement space and seeking alternatives that serve to better inspire employees. It’s about turning the traditional staff appraisal on its head and coming up with more innovative ways of measuring performance. This is also where initiatives like employee wellness come in.”

To boost this wellness factor in the business and help companies encourage more 'engaged' staff, CRS Technologies has developed and introduced Engage to offer risk-free talent administration and management.

Engage incorporates several features designed to enhance this engagement, including strategic alignment of every employee, a central role library, dynamic grouping (outcomes across silos), flexible outcome measurements and dynamic reporting.

CRS Technologies says the advanced solution connects each employee’s job outcomes to the enterprise strategy drivers, and shares the impact of employees’ contribution on teams and the enterprise visually with every employee/team.

Moreover, outcomes are assigned to roles managed from a central role library, and these roles are connected to employees. If roles are shared to a public library, these can be accessed by participating firms, and any outcomes from any role can be glued to any team (thus enabling employees to contribute outcomes to any grouping across silos).

The dynamic reporting feature means reports can be easily configured to connect any outcome from any employee to any leader for any period.

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CRS Technologies

CRS Technologies is a national provider of solutions and services to the growing human resources (HR) and human capital management (HCM) industries.

Established in 1985, the Johannesburg-based company is a technology solutions house with all the skills and resources required to help clients with their HR, people management, and payroll administration requirements, amongst other disciplines.

CRS is fully invested in the labour market in Africa, from both an employer and employee perspective. It provides best-of-breed solutions that centralise, streamline, and harmonise traditionally disparate functions.

Its innovation is based on the principle that in order to be of value, the solution must be reliable, easy to use and understand, and remove the complexities of people optimisation in the workplace.

CRS has established itself as a leader in the market by maintaining a close eye on developments in legislation and other labour-related trends that impact HR and HCM. Its mandate is to inform clients of these changes and how they will influence markets now and into the future.

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