Internet Solutions takes more open peering approach

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Kervin Pillay, CTO of Internet Solutions.
Kervin Pillay, CTO of Internet Solutions.

Internet service provider (ISP), Internet Solutions (IS), has reviewed its peering policy.

The ISP says it will become more open and will actively engage in peering after reviewing its peering policy and implementing several changes to promote better interconnection.

Peering is when two ISPs connect to exchange traffic directly with each other to benefit each other's networks.

The Dimension Data-owned IS will take a more open approach to peering and the overall theme of the revised peering policy is to be simpler and more inclusive.

It points out that the advantages of a more open peering policy means local traffic will be served more directly to end-users of the service, while reducing the amount of traffic that needs to leave SA's shores in order to access content that is available locally.

"By becoming more open and actively engaging in peering, we are creating numerous opportunities that will result in improved user experience by adding resiliency, keeping traffic localised and driving the cost of Internet connectivity down," says Kervin Pillay, chief technology officer at IS.

"An open peering policy will allow established network providers to peer with IS that were previously unable to do so. We are also making it simpler for content delivery network providers to peer with us.

"By making this change, we believe that we will provide more opportunities for our clients and other established networks in the country," concludes Pillay.

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