Sequel Support launches Hyperion – ultimate tool for superior database monitoring

Cape Town, 06 Feb 2020
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Sequel Support – Cape Town-based database support specialist, has launched an innovative tool, Hyperion, to automate the monitoring of databases. Hyperion was developed in-house and is already integrated into the company’s managed services offering. Now, however, organisations that perform their own monitoring can buy the tool for a monthly fee per server.

“In today’s world, data is the true competitive differentiator, and so database performance has become even more important than it ever was,” says Richard Hart, Technical Manager at Sequel Support.

“Hyperion allows organisations of any size to manage all their databases more effectively and reliably, while reducing the number of database administrators and consequently, their costs.

“The monthly per-server billing model is attractive because it is an operating rather than a capital expense, something CFOs generally prefer.”

Clients can also purchase support tickets so particularly difficult support issues get escalated to Sequel Support’s remote support desk for expert, quick resolution.

Hart says the tool has been designed to alert administrators to potential issues, enabling them to have a proactive approach to problem resolution. Typically, database monitoring requires logs to be scanned manually — a highly time-consuming task that is also extremely error-prone. “Moreover, It includes the auditing of data definition language (DDL) statements for enterprise environments. 

“Hyperion makes monitoring organisations’ precious databases both easier and more accurate — something that makes good business sense,” Hart concludes.

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