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Sun Microsystems caters for IT growth in SMB sector

Johannesburg, 03 Mar 2005
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South African small to medium businesses (SMBs) are increasing their capital spend on IT systems as they continue to upgrade their PCs and servers, while also adopting new technologies such as voice/data and wireless networks and enterprise applications.

This will create significant opportunities for vendors and IT service providers over the next few years, says Jos Nickmans, channel manager at Sun Microsystems sub-Saharan Africa.

He adds that vendors and service providers must first understand their customers' business before suggesting the type of IT infrastructure required.

"Whether the demand is for server or software solutions, SMBs' needs cannot always be addressed with a 'one size fits all' process," he says.

"The SMB market is difficult to define as it comprises organisations of varying sizes and skill levels. It includes many small businesses with disproportionately large turnovers as well as larger organisations without IT skills. As a result, satisfying the need for IT skills not only takes time, but also places additional pressure on the technology vendor or IT service provider," he adds.

"Sun has always advocated the creation of a better IT lifecycle experience. This means that by providing SMBs with the services and skills they need, these businesses will be able to operate at maximum efficiency, using the tools at their disposal. They will also be equipped to get the most from their investment in IT solutions," Nickmans says.

"Sun works with dedicated Volume Products Resellers (VPRs) to assist SMBs get their businesses up and running, while providing them with quality products and services. This gives SMBs access to Sun's proven, high-end technology and after-sales support at entry-level prices.

"By providing a dedicated support infrastructure to the channel serving SMBs, through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and product support, Sun allows the SMB to focus on its core business instead of allocating precious time and expertise to addressing IT issues," he concludes.

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