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Nology introduces newly launched Yealink T3 Series IP phones

Johannesburg, 22 Jul 2020
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Nology, the official distributor for Yealink in South Africa, recently announced the launch of the new addition to the Yealink IP phone range, the T3 series. Yealink’s new T3 series is a classic and cost-effective entry-level business IP phone for daily desktop voice communication.

Featuring superior HD audio performance, five-way local conference calling, provisioning and monitoring via the Yealink Device Management Platform and wireless headset support via the Yealink EHS35, the Yealink T3 series maximises productivity and enhances collaboration for businesses of various sizes.

Stronger performance, more possibilities

The T3 series has been equipped with a more powerful chipset, delivering increased computing capability and enhanced functionality. The improved processing power ensures better productivity and performance for a number of business requirements.

Superior HD audio, better communication

The Yealink T3 series provides distraction-free communication with industry-leading Smart Noise Filtering Technology, which delivers excellent sound quality while reducing external noise and interference.

Classic design, practical details

The Yealink T3 series inherits the design concepts of the original Yealink IP phone family, while implementing a modern look and feel. The advanced design, including various ergonomic improvements, provides user-friendly operation.

All-in-one platform for convenient management

Full interoperability with the Yealink Device Management Platform provides a central platform for provisioning, management and monitoring. By making use of Yealink’s unified firmware, the interface is common across all models, making the T3 series simple to deploy and manage.

The new Yealink T3 series will be available locally from Nology towards the end of Q3.

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