Telkom cuts uncapped data prices

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Telkom has slashed prices, removing caps on its copper-based DSL broadband portfolio to new customers.

The company says this is in response to the increased demand for home connectivity during the COVID-19 lockdown in SA.

Most telcos have experienced increased demand in data usage following president Cyril Ramaphosa's declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic as a state of disaster, which saw government implement a nation-wide lockdown, forcing people to work remotely while learners study at home.

Vodacom recently announced a surge in data traffic on its network of up to 40%, while MTN said data traffic on its network was up 86% year-on-year.

Now, Telkom says as a result of the demand, the company is offering prices starting from R199 for an initial six-month period, aiming to enable access for those who do not have fixed broadband.

“This pricing of the uncapped data is part of Telkom’s COVID-19 relief efforts to enable access to education, work and entertainment platforms.”

Steven White, executive for product development and management at Telkom, says: "Telkom already has copper access technology which can provide cost-effective home connectivity. During the lockdown, we decided to use all the infrastructure available to us to provide good, affordable quality broadband.

“We will also be reducing the price of our existing unlimited home bundles that include a voice calling plan as well as mobile data. This product will be offered to new and existing customers who will receive the further benefit of higher speeds.”

Additionally, the telco says it will be mapping existing customers on capped DSL services to Unlimited Home services “to offer them better value; ensuring loyal customers are not left behind”.

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