Feeling overwhelmed with the overnight transition to digital?

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Johannesburg, 20 Nov 2020
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Before the COVID-19 outbreak, many organisations were making a gradual transition to digital forms and e-signatures. Suddenly, the whole world was forced to go paperless, virtually overnight. It overtaxed a system that wasn’t ready for the burden.

Most companies have removed or at least reduced paper-based tasks; however, the process has been slow. Digital transformation is a critical step that most companies hope to achieve; however, they are held back by numerous reasons, including fear of the unknown or failure.

The transition from paper to paperless is no trivial undertaking. Depending on the scope of change, there will be process planning, software costs and employee change management needs. No business is exempt from some level of risk and cost. The move towards paperless is, however, rife with benefits for virtually any business, especially those highly reliant on forms and contracts.

As Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution, Adobe Sign offers a solution that will help your organisation deliver an end-to-end digital document with trusted, legal electronic signatures. Use Adobe Sign to initiate, sign, track, manage and archive digital documents from Web or mobile apps. Trusted by millions globally, Adobe Sign has processed more than 8 billion transactions. Working in apps you already know and love, you can edit electronic documents and send them for signature from within Microsoft 365, Google Drive, Box and more. With instant notifications, you’ll know exactly when documents have been viewed and signed. Adobe Sign will help keep business moving, as you quickly send contracts and agreements to hundreds with a simple click.

At Learning Curve, we understand a transition of such magnitude may be overwhelming, especially if your organisation has hundreds of forms that are currently in a paper-based format. The good news is you don’t have to do everything all at once. Instead, identify a handful of forms – your top five – that matter most to your customers and your business right now. Focus on digitising those forms as quickly as possible, and then scale from there at the pace that’s right for you.

As the only Platinum Resellers in Africa, Learning Curve offers unparalleled service and support throughout the digital transformation journey. Our sales team, armed with extensive knowledge, is on hand to guide you through the different licensing options available to suit not only your budget, but most importantly, your needs. With extensive training offered, we will ensure your team is up and running in no time.

Learning Curve is offering up to 50% off when you buy Adobe Sign (terms and conditions apply) until 27 November 2020. To check eligibility and for further information, please e-mail; alternatively, experience the ease of Adobe Sign and leave your details here.

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