White paper: Can you quickly restore backed-up data?

Johannesburg, 09 May 2019
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Can you quickly restore backed-up data?
Can you quickly restore backed-up data?

Access to data is a mission-critical requirement in an "always-on" environment. Business performance and customer satisfaction depend on data being available when it's needed. That's why IT organisations focus on and invest heavily in data backup solutions. But, with explosive growth in data, recovery takes too long, putting business continuity at risk.

Data availability is essential for the modern enterprise. According to technology market research firm IDC: "By 2020, organisations that are able to analyse all relevant data and deliver actionable information will achieve an extra $430 billion in productivity benefits." Increasingly, data and workloads span data silos on-premises and in the cloud, and reside in thousands of virtual machines that can be time-consuming to restore. That results in costly downtime and can prevent data from being used when it's needed for analytics, DevOps, application testing, and mission-critical applications.

An alliance between Veritas Technologies and Pure Storage provides a simple and cost-effective approach for rapid backup-and-restore of the ever-expanding volumes of data that span enterprise and cloud assets. With Pure and Veritas technologies, enterprises and government agencies can backup and recover large data stores quickly, making data available wherever and whenever it is needed.

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