Increasing HR onboarding efficiency

Johannesburg, 17 Jul 2019
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The challenge

Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa, a leader in the office automation industry and a thought leader in driving digital change and disruption, has always encouraged user adoption and internal customer experience using digitised solutions and automated workflows.

Kyocera SA’s growth and success led to an uptake in employee onboarding. It saw this as an opportunity to set the tone for all new employees. The onboarding experience was digital from the word go. 

In the past, staff onboarding would take days to complete. There was a challenge in getting the relevant departments to complete their assigned tasks before new staff members arrived. This included items such as getting IT equipment ready, organising desks and phones, access tags, etc. These tasks can be tedious and are usually low on the priority scale. Having said that, they are extremely important in getting the new employee ready to hit the ground running.

JP Lourens, Solutions Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa.
JP Lourens, Solutions Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa.

The solution

As a current user of the Laserfiche ECM software in its daily business operations, Kyocera SA embarked on implementing the ECM solution into the onboarding process from end-to-end, allowing a fully digital and automated system, including signing contracts, receiving policies and staff exit processes. 

Adding these processes to the already existing processes in the organisation, namely expense claims, approval requests and business trip applications, truly gives the employee a fully digital and automated system experience.

Laserfiche enabled the digital capture of required information for new staff members, the digital signing of employment documentation and managing the process from HR to departmental manager, finance, IT and back to human resources.

The benefits

The employee’s user experience is one of a fully digital and automated organisation from day one.

Staff arrive on their first day and the organisation is ready for their arrival with all the access, resources, systems, etc, ready for use.

  • Employee satisfaction and experience.
  • Reduction in time spent on onboarding new staff.
  • Documentation does not go missing.
  • Documentation filing is automated.
  • Better visibility into staff onboarding process, which allows for process improvements.
  • Reduction in printing costs.
  • Less margin for human error.

Maximise employee and resource productivity, while reducing time spent on mundane and manual paper-driven tasks.

Over the last few years, Kyocera SA has driven a culture of continuous process improvement, always asking if there is a better way to do something. Working with an organisation with this culture and mindset has seen both our organisations enabling better workflow and automation for the users. The main aim has always been to allow employees to spend more time on meaningful tasks that increase efficiency and productivity, while working smarter and not harder on things that could have better processes or be completely automated.

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