CareerWeb changes the face of IT talent-sourcing

Johannesburg, 02 Apr 2020
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IT recruitment specialist CareerWeb has forged partnerships with leading organisations in South Africa, while securing new employment for hundreds of top IT professionals.

CareerWeb, a specialised IT talent-sourcing service within the ITWeb Group, launched its new service about two years ago, with the objective to help clients fill IT vacancies with perfectly matched candidates.

Over the past year, CareerWeb has partnered with more than 30 companies and organisations across various industries.

The goal of the service is to connect IT job-seekers and companies in the most efficient and effective way, with no mismatches or non-relevant candidates being submitted to the hiring line. Another major driver is reducing the sometimes excessive recruitment costs.

“We achieved our goal of connecting our clients with top IT professionals for their available roles, while reducing expensive recruitment costs for these companies,” says Ernie Hipner, business director for CareerWeb.

The service has allowed companies to advertise and highlight their IT roles on CareerWeb, ITWeb and their respective social media channels. The experienced team at CareerWeb is then able to check the applications and refer only suitable candidates to clients, Hipner explains.

Another part of the service is that the team at CareerWeb has access to a confidential career network of over 160 000 IT professionals, created in conjunction with media group ITWeb.

“Our team of experienced IT career matchmakers then connect our clients with IT professionals who are suitable and interested in our clients’ roles. The clients then confirm which of these suitable candidates they wish to invite for interviews and the process follows its course from there,” says Hipner.

In the past year, CareerWeb’s team has secured new jobs for over 100 IT professionals. These jobs ranged from developers, technicians and project managers to high-end IT execs.

“It has been a wonderful experience connecting these individuals with their new employers and seeing the amazing opportunities offered to them. And it has been highly-rewarding for me and our team to work closely with our clients and overcome the grind of finding top IT talent while looking after their hiring budgets. Our team has been brilliant in dealing with clients and candidates, and the feedback has been inspiring,” adds Hipner.

With almost two decades of being part of the news, careers and events in the IT industry, CareerWeb has built a strong network of talented IT professionals in South Africa.

“These professionals have trusted us for many years with their personal profiles and to interact with them regarding top job opportunities in the IT space. On a daily basis, we receive messages from an average of 120 IT professionals to engage with them and add them to our career network. We keep refreshing the pool of IT talent that we have direct access to and can market our clients’ jobs too,” adds Hipner.

“We like to say that we partner with our clients so we become an extra team member of theirs. Our vision is to keep adding value as a team member for our clients and also to partner with new companies who require a different and successful approach to hiring IT talent.

“We have only scratched the surface of the companies we have partnered with and hope to partner with many more in the upcoming months,” concludes Hipner.

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