Rectron, Newland ID lock in distribution deal

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Local ICT distributor Rectron has added Newland ID, a manufacturer of barcode scanners, to its distribution network.

According to Rectron, it will distribute the full Newland ID range, comprising wireless handheld scanners, stationary scanners, mobile computers, tablets, micro kiosks and original equipment manufacturer scan engines, as well as offer pre-sales support and first-line technical support.

It will also manage all repairs in-house and with third-parties where necessary.

“Through Rectron, the South African market will now have full access to the Newland ID range, as well as stock readily available on all run-rate items. This reduces delivery time, while saving customers time and money,” says Fatima Khota, point-of-sale lead at Rectron.

The company says Newland’s business is targeted towards automatic identification and data capture tech for businesses around the world. Building on that, the manufacturer has its own mobile device management software, Ndevor, which is free and included in each of the Android devices.

“Over the past five years of our presence in South Africa, we have gained a solid foothold in the market. Our product portfolio in this region has grown consistently in industries like warehousing, retail and healthcare, where we guarantee top-level design and flexibility, building our technology from the ground up,” says Jonathan Hatton, SA country sales manager at Newland.

“Now, it’s time for Newland to continue that momentum by joining forces with top IT distributor Rectron, opening new possibilities for both businesses in all sectors of the South African market and its industries, and increasing efficiencies and enhancing operations.”

Rectron notes that in the retail industry, fast turn-around times, accuracy and improved efficiency are key. It points out that using Newland’s product range to manage various operations removes the chance for human error and provides higher productivity and precision.

“We expect to see a massive uptake of barcode scanners in industries that form the backbone of the economy, such as retail, healthcare and logistics,” adds Khota. “Leveraging this unique point-of-sale technology, businesses can make precise management decisions that make a positive impact to their bottom line.”

Hatton concludes: “All the industries in which we are active are buzzing with activity, driven by constantly evolving tech. As a manufacturer, we help our customers quickly manoeuvre and adapt to new streams. That way, they can focus on optimising day-to-day tasks and get the most out of their workforce. We create exactly what is needed for many different operations and environments, and do so quickly and flexibly.”

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