ELO ECM Suite 21: New release strategy delivers more flexibility and stability

Johannesburg, 08 Jul 2021
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ECM software provider ELO Digital Office has released the latest version of its enterprise content management suite. Version 21 also marks a change in the release strategy, meaning customers can expect even more flexibility with a maximum level of stability. The current feature release brings technology upgrades as well as innovations in collaboration and integration. The next version with even more innovative features is scheduled for fall.

The ECM provider releases the latest version of its ELO ECM Suite today. With ELO 21, the company is simultaneously altering its release strategy. The previous annual release will be replaced with two different release types: topic-oriented feature releases published throughout the year, and long-term support (LTS) releases, which will be released every two years. Version 21 is the first feature release.

“Our changed release strategy will make for software that is even more flexible and future-proof, as our customers can benefit even more directly from the latest innovations. This also applies to anyone who opts for an LTS release since the new features can also be tested in a development environment,” explains Nils Mosbach, CTO of ELO Digital Office, who oversaw the new version and the accompanying strategy change for the first time as CTO.

In addition to the feature release in May, another is already planned for the autumn. Both releases offer technology upgrades as well as innovations in collaboration and integration. One of the first innovations is ELO Flows, an automation tool that will have digital processes and projects running in top gear with more user configuration options but without the need for scripts. The integration functions with Microsoft products have also been improved, ensuring smooth processes when completing tasks with ELO and Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The current release also makes for better collaboration thanks to the integration of ELO and all the data stored here into Microsoft Teams.

The next feature release in the fall will take the collaboration aspect one step further with a team room function that even allows users to integrate ELO Business Solutions meeting and task planning functionality. This release will of course include technological innovations that will take the ELO ECM Suite to a completely new level. ELO is also working on a number of other new products to extend the ELO ECM Suite, including ELO Integration Services for SAP Business One, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Details of ELO ECM Suite 21 are available at

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