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Johannesburg, 12 Aug 2004
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The strong market demand for colour printing in the office has made Itec (formerly Konica SA, SA distributors of the Konica Minolta range of colour printers), focus on providing the best colour solution and product mix to suit all requirements from the desktop PC.

Following the recent merger of Konica and Minolta in Japan, Itec, whose previous success with the Konica brand of digital office automation products, has secured the distribution of the Konica-Minolta range of laser printers in southern Africa. Konica Minolta has captured significant world market share over the past 10 years with their successful range of magicolor colour laser printers.

Itec`s success has been due to a quality product range and high service offering, they have consistently shown in excess of 20% growth per annum over the past five years. With a full range of colour office products from high speed colour multifunction products, to personal desktop colour laser printers, Itec is able to cater for all office colour requirements.

According to Jacques Duyver, Itec CEO, "the success of our business is due to the commitment and drive or our people, which compliments a great product range. We expect to see dramatic changes in the traditional office automation market over the next few years and ITEC are well positioned to address these changes to benefit our customers."

Future plans include increasing the multifunction product range to include numerous colour MFP`s. All new products compliment each other providing the client with the right product to suit their needs.

The Konica Minolta magicolor 2300 DL delivers compact, affordable color laser printing to small workgroups and personal business users. It features print speeds of 4 ppm in color and up to 16 ppm in black and white. The printer also includes a standard network, USB, and parallel interfaces and 2400 dpi print resolution. Designed specifically for Windows users, the magicolor 2300 DL produces great prints at the right price.

The magicolor 3300 from Konica Minolta, is the fastest desktop colour laser printer to date, printing up to 24 laser quality, A4 pages, per minute in both black and white and colour.

Konica Minolta have launched a new high-volume colour laser printer, the magicolor 7300. Offering A3 paper size, postscript support, standard networking, Photo Art photo like print quality and print speeds of 21ppm full colour. The magicolor 7300 is a versatile heavy-duty print solution within the budgets of most graphics arts and business workgroups.

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