eBook: Going to work in the next normal

Johannesburg, 23 Oct 2020
Read time 1min 00sec

Over the years, workplaces have evolved, removing the walls and barriers that once separated teams in favour of open workspaces that foster collaboration. As these have taken shape, technology has followed suit, providing the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere, at any time.

But, while advancements have changed the way companies think about remote collaboration, we hadn’t yet seen the full impact of what a truly collaborative workplace could be. But then, in 2020, that all changed, with the COVID-19 pandemic creating a much more significant shift in our workplaces, in a much shorter timeframe.

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • How businesses responded to COVID-19 and the pressures it placed on their tools, technology and workspaces;
  • What the return to the office looks like, and how your peers intend to go back;
  • The pivotal role video conferencing technology will play, as a hybrid remote and office culture emerges; and
  • Why the hybrid approach to remote and office working is a huge opportunity to foster a culture of collaboration and productivity, if handled correctly.
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