Overcoming biometric weak points

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South African biometric device manufacturer, iPulse Systems, has released the iPB6 biometric fingerprint reader.

iPulse CEO Gary Chalmers says the product has been designed as a full PC running a Linux operating system, and allows for customisable business applications to be run on the hardware.

According to Chalmers, the device has a one-wire secure relay. This means it allows doors to be controlled through secure communication and removes the weak point of biometric devices.

“With the secure relay on the iPB6, the relay is an inaccessible place and has encrypted code in the wire which is bonded to the reader, making it virtually impossible to bypass,” he says.

Thomas Snyman, iPulse technical director, points out that the device can integrate into any network, using cabled, wireless or GSM technologies. He says the iPB6 can store up to 10 000 fingerprints on the unit and supports 27 languages.

According to the company, the technology has the ability to control or switch up to 256 devices from a single unit. This increases its usage substantially over older products which, says iPulse, traditionally only support between one to four devices.

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