Fujitsu quadruples cloud server speeds

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Fujitsu quadruples cloud server speeds

IT manufacturer, Fujitsu has developed a server for cloud computing systems that is said to be four times faster than conventional machines, reports Telecom Paper.

CBR Online says Fujitsu has enabled the delivery of high-performance server and storage capabilities without losing any of the hardware's original functionality or performance, by pooling CPUs, hard disk drives (HDDs) and other hardware components comprising ICT infrastructure.

In the new technology, the hardware components, such as CPUs and HDDs, are linked together with high-speed interconnects.

This technology configures high-performance ICT infrastructure, which can handle a variety of services flexibly, according to the company.

JCN Network reports that Fujitsu's infrastructure solution lets organisations deliver Web services via the cloud, as well as provide higher value-added services.

As a result, a variety of new ICT services are anticipated, such as those involving the processing of huge sets of data, known as 'big data', an essential component of human-centric computing.

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