Proactive monitoring with IBM Sterling Control Center offers peace of mind in challenging times

Johannesburg, 01 Jul 2020
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“Technology can really help change the game.” 
Dirk Maney, Worldwide Sales Leader of IBM Sterling, was the main speaker at the webinar hosted by Trustlink and IBM.
“Technology can really help change the game.” Dirk Maney, Worldwide Sales Leader of IBM Sterling, was the main speaker at the webinar hosted by Trustlink and IBM.

The marketplace is experiencing a rapid increase in volume of files, file sizes and the amount of data that is being moved between different systems, customers and suppliers. The challenges and risks organisations face, especially during this time while more employees still work remotely from home, together with solutions for favourable outcomes, were discussed during a recent webinar, hosted by Trustlink in conjunction with IBM.

“Rather than spending an excessive amount of time reacting, IBM Sterling Control Center and the monitoring aspects of it can be extremely helpful in this new way that we are working due to the world pandemic,” Dirk Maney, Worldwide Sales Leader of IBM Sterling stated. “Instead of carving out time to resolve a problem, wouldn’t it be great if you can be proactive and have some technology giving you an early warning before you deal with a crisis,” Maney continued, being the main speaker at this webinar attended by several key players in the industry.

The norm for average file size, frequency of transfers and size of environments are also increasing. As the business grows, environments need to grow to support them. Visibility and governance are the drivers to help solve these challenges.

Organisations make significant investments in building out B2B and managed file transfer (MFT) networks for greater supply chain efficiency, reliability, compliance and risk mitigation. During these challenging times, the emphasis shifted with an urgency to a self-service type solution where the limited IT resources don’t have to be further worn out. IBM Sterling Control Center offers a solution as a single pane of glass for visibility across applications, systems and platforms.

Savar Sareen, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Burger King Corporation, highlights the enabling of self-service monitoring for every type of user as one of the benefits of IBM Sterling Control Center for their company. “With detailed visibility, you know right away if a file has been delivered or not – and why – so you can take action to meet commitments,” Sareen stated in an article on LinkedIn. “This self-service capability saves everyone significant time – business users get the information they need when they need it, and power users spend less time responding to queries and more time on higher-level tasks.”

Added to that, more benefits of implementing IBM Control Center include maximising of team productivity and the mitigation of risks. Especially in financial services and regulated industries, it is vital to have controls in place to drive out the possibility that an event could occur that would introduce risk to a company and its customers.

The rich capabilities in IBM Sterling Control Center provides the track and trace of files and processes and the integration and automation to more easily integrate, streamline and automate processes. It assists in reporting and analytics to uncover insights for the business and supporting audit and continuous controls in governance and compliance.

“It is really important to not just think of the Control Center as a system management tool. This solution is purpose built to really help around managed file transfer (MFT) and B2B cases.”

Maney concluded the webinar: “IBM Control Center can even monitor solutions that are not IBM solutions. An organisation can build, or partner with Trustlink to help them build integrations to these different solutions.”

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