SA's Nu Metro Cinemas goes fully digital with Barco

All Nu Metro theatres will be fully digital by December 2013. The South African exhibitor, the second largest in the country, has ordered no fewer than 111 new Barco digital cinema projectors to be installed by Questek Advanced Technologies across 16 sites. On top of that, selected Nu Metro theatres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban will be equipped with Barco's Auro immersive sound system - a premiere for Africa.

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Questek installed Nu Metro's very first fully digital Cineplex in Johannesburg in 2009. Since then, the cinema chain had gradually gone digital, rolling out more than 30 cinemas with Barco digital cinema projectors.

For the complete digitisation, Barco was selected on account of the quality and low total cost of ownership of its projectors, as well as its local support of Questek in South Africa, which Nu Metro considered a guarantee for excellent support services.

Full confidence

"We have been using Barco projectors for many years, at several Nu Metro sites, and their quality and reliability is beyond compare. Many of our colleagues in the cinema business agree with that, which further heightens our confidence in Barco," said Luke Roberts, Nu Metro's General Manager. "On top of that, our many meetings with the Barco and Questek teams confirmed that Barco would be the right choice. The people there really know their projectors inside out."

History of firsts

Nu Metro's trust in Barco also spurred the exhibitor to invest in Barco's Auro immersive sound system, as a way of further enhancing the entertainment experience.

Roberts and his team had tested Auro and competitive products and believe that Auro offers far better sound quality, as well as a clear path to an open standard for immersive sound.

The installation of Auro perfectly fits Nu Metro's list of firsts inAfrica. Nu Metro was the first cinema chain with an all-digital Cineplex, and now leads the way once again with the Auro immersive sound system.


Questek, a South African company, has been the distributor of Barco products for over 25 years and has been instrumental in many groundbreaking projects utilising Barco technology, ranging from control rooms, outdoor digital signage, simulators and digital cinema.

Nu Metro Cinemas

Nu Metro Cinemas, part of The Time Media Group, is South Africa's second largest cinema operator. Headquartered in Johannesburg, the chain operates 16 cinema complexes throughout the country.

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