Huawei to spend heavily on Internet infrastructure

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In this edition of the Worldwide Wrap, Huawei will invest at least $1 billion every year from now on in research and development of Internet infrastructure and Apple will start auditing apps.

Huawei to spend heavily on Internet infrastructure

Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies will invest at least $1 billion every year from now on in research and development of Internet infrastructure, such as servers and software, its top executive, Guo Ping said.

The aggressive spending plans are part of the Shenzhen-based company's continued expansion far beyond its mainstay telecommunications equipment and handsets.
Via: The Wall Street Journal

Apple to remove apps

Apple sent a letter to developers today warning them that as of 7 September (the same day as the big iPhone event), Apple will start reviewing apps already in the App Store and removing apps that don't follow content guidelines or no longer work.

Apple will start auditing apps and if there are problems found, developers will have 30 days to issue an update. If no update is issued, the app will be removed from the App Store.
Via: Gizmodo

Didi-Uber antitrust investigation

China's Ministry of Commerce said on Friday it has opened an investigation into Didi Chuxing Technology's acquisition of Uber Technologies's China business, after it received questions over whether the ride-hailing deal complied with the nation's antitrust law.

The commerce ministry's antitrust unit has already held two meetings with Didi and requested information on the deal as well as the reason the company didn't apply for antitrust review, a ministry spokesman said at a press conference on Friday, according to a transcript on its Web site.
Via: The Wall Street Journal

Instagram adds zoom

Instagram has released an update to its iOS app that introduces one of users' most wanted features: pinch to zoom.

The new feature means that users can now reverse pinch on a photo or video to zoom in on it. To date the lack of zoom, which is a staple in almost all other picture sharing and viewing apps, has been a major gripe for the photo sharing service's 500 million users.
Via: Telegraph

Tinder crashes

Popular dating app Tinder, often associated with hooking up, crashed Thursday night, prompting many of its users to vent their disappointment on social media, coming as the crash did just before the US's long Labour Day weekend.

According to, the problems started shortly before 10 pm EDT, around the same time when Tinder acknowledged it.
Via: International Business Times

Revelator raises $2.5m

Israeli digital music assets management platform Revelator raised $2.5 million this week by promising to efficiently track music rights and distribute royalties to rights owners.

To do that, the start-up is using blockchain - best known as the technology behind Bitcoin - to get money to musicians and managers more quickly.
Via: Mashable

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