Best business laptops from HP

HP’s business-focused Elitebooks bring powerful and refined hardware to your company’s inventory.

Johannesburg, 11 Nov 2019
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When it comes to selecting the right computing capability for your business, it’s essential to pick a product that features a vast repertoire of functionality. 

Employees require suitable tools that will drive productivity and enhance their experience in the fulfilment of their responsibilities.

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These duties could be writing up reports, managing databases, creating and delivering presentations, communicating via e-mail and other messaging platforms, or video conferencing – tasks that can be made unnecessarily difficult with mediocre technology.

It is therefore important to choose a partner that understands your need for a solution that will meet all your unique requirements.

Few brands in the industry are as recognisable and reputable for this purpose as HP. 

With the business-focused Elitebook laptop range, HP brings powerful and refined hardware to your company’s inventory. 

Sleek and solid design

The HP EliteBook x360 is a prime example of this hardware. It features a thin, light-weight aluminium chassis of excellent build quality. 

The body is durably designed, and the full HD, anti-glare touchscreen can also be folded flat all the way to the back of the laptop to be used as a tablet. 

World-class security

Keeping the information of your employees, customers and enterprise operations confidential is of utmost importance, as the rise of cyber security attacks cannot be taken lightly.

HP Elitebooks provide a hardware-based suite of security solutions that reinforce your PCs to resist the most serious attackers.  

Integrated security features include:

  • HP Multi-Factor Authenticate – Fortifying your system with up to three authentication factors, enforced by Intel Authenticate Technology.
  • HP Sure Start – Instantly protects against hidden attacks that the anti-virus can’t reach by using hardware enforced self-healing protection that automatically recovers the BIOS.
  • HP Sure Click – Isolates browser-born and document-infected malware in their own virtual containers to stop them from spreading to other parts of your PC.
  • HP Sure View – Gives you an optional integrated privacy screen that prevents shoulder-surfing visual hackers from viewing your screen. 

These and more features make HP Elitebooks the world’s most secure and manageable PCs. 

Long-lasting power

High mobility is key in an era where employees must often work remotely. 

With a battery life of up to 15-and-a-half hours, your employees won’t need to worry about finding the nearest wall plug with their Elitebooks. 

And if the battery life does run out after hours of heavy use, HP’s Fast Charge will have your laptop at full capacity in no time. 

Get the best HP solution for your business

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