Barcodes123: What barcodes can I get?

You can get retail, ISBN, ISSN and case barcodes, and with every purchase, you get a set of high-resolution images that you can use for printing.

Johannesburg, 30 Sep 2019
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So, we know that Barcodes123 is a barcode generator that promises good, efficient service at a reduced rate. But what service is it talking about? What kinds of products does the company provide? What barcodes does it generate that sets it apart? Let’s take a closer look:

Retail barcodes:

The first type of barcode you can purchase is the classic retail barcode. These barcodes are used for products that will be sold and stocked at retail stores. Barcodes123 will supply you with both EAN barcode and UPC barcode formats, and both types are fully GS1 registered and come at extremely low prices. These barcodes are always sent to you in both formats, so you can be sure that retail stores locally and globally will be able to scan your unique barcode!

ISBN barcodes:

The ISBN barcode is used for books and other publications that are done on a one-time basis. This is because, when it comes to a barcode for a book or a publication, you need one that will be registered in the World Library Database, which is where the ISBN code comes in. At Barcodes123, you can purchase this with the guarantee that all barcodes will be registered with the National Library of South Africa.

ISSN barcodes:

At Barcodes123 you can also purchase a high-quality ISSN barcode, which is similar to the ISBN barcode (and always registered with the National Library of South Africa) but specifically for magazines and periodicals.

Case barcodes:

At Barcodes123, not only can you buy individual barcodes for your products, you can also purchase barcodes for the cartons and boxes of your products. This is great if you're a big company that ships your products in bulk or you're a small company that wants to do so. This will allow you to barcode the box itself and make it easier for handlers, who can simply scan that barcode and instantly know what product is in each box.

With every purchase, you also get a set of high-resolution images (three per barcode) that you can use for printing. These image designs are sent to you free of charge with each purchase. They can be sent directly to your printer of choice, who can then select the most suitable image. If you are new to barcoding and you're wondering how to create a barcode, check out Barcodes123’s page on its barcode design services. There is a printing service available, which means you may not even have to go any further.

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