GraniteWMS adds granular traceability of critical assets for Puregas

Johannesburg, 12 Dec 2019
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Puregas was established in 1971 and is a supplier of purified and blended hydrocarbon gas propellants and foam blowing products, high-quality speciality gases and related gas equipment, inert fire suppression gases, anhydrous ammonia, LPG and carbon dioxide.

Their focus is on ensuring quality and customer service and are committed to offering their customers, top-level service in all areas of their business.

Puregas engaged with Cradle Technology Services in mid-2018, via their Sage Business Partner, FSL Consulting. They were looking for a scanning solution that could integrate with their Sage 300 ERP solution and manage the movements of their gas cylinders from depot to customer and back. One of the main criteria of the solution was to be able to calculate accurately the time that a specific cylinder spent at the customer location, in order to create the appropriate billing.

GraniteWMS, using its core strengths of process driven barcode scanning, was able to uniquely identify each individual cylinder, and track it from 'Empty', through 'Filling', to 'Dispatch', onto the truck, and to delivery to a specific customer. The process is then reversed on collection from the customer and return to the depot. GraniteWMS provides Puregas with a detailed, transaction history of each cylinder, allowing them to generate accurate billing for each customer.

Future development of the solution will include an ePOD component for Puregas’ delivery vehicles, whereby cylinders will be scanned off the truck to the customer, signed for, and confirmation of receipt sent electronically. This will also optimise route planning, adding further efficiencies.

Says Tube Wilke, senior consultant, FSL Consulting, "At FSL Consultingm we integrate to and work with a number of specialist systems and products across our client base to offer superior business solutions. Working with Cradle Technologies was one of the most productive experiences I’ve had to date.

"I was extremely sceptical at the start, but with Cradle’s knowledge, experience and open-minded approach, we soon had a solution, far better than what we ever dreamed of. Granite’s database design and flexible business processes allowed us to go where no WMS system is supposed to go!” 

Granite Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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